Arizona Lawyer: Partially At Fault for Car Accident?

This video features Ryan Skiver, a Personal Injury attorney based in Arizona.

Scottsdale Attorney Explains Comparative Fault

Video Transcript:

Tom Mustin: 

If I'm partially at fault in an accident, can I still collect damages? We ask Arizona Attorney, Ryan Skiver, in this Ask The Lawyers quick question.

Ryan Skiver: 

In Arizona, we have what's called comparative fault, which means that the percentage of fault for each of the parties involved is determined by a jury, and then the damages provided for in the judgment are separated by that. So for instance, if you're in a crash with another driver and it's 50-50 fault, then you would still have the ability to recover 50% of your damages, and that goes all the way down to 10 or even 1%. But if you're even just 10% at fault, all that does is take off 10% of the damages you recover, and you can still recover the 90% of damages that the other side may have cost.

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