Are Semi-Truck Drivers Pushed to Unsafe Limits?

This video features Brian Davis, a Personal Injury attorney based in North Carolina.

Video Transcript:

Judy Maggio:

Do trucking companies sometimes push their drivers to unsafe limits for hours or miles? Let's ask North Carolina lawyer Brian Davis for this AskTheLawyers™ Quick Question.

Brian Davis:

Trucking companies almost always push their drivers to do things that are unsafe, really for an economic purpose. They push them to drive too many hours. They push them to drive so much that they don't get enough sleep. They push them to get places when there's not enough time to drive the speed limit and get there safely, so truckers end up speeding. They do all kinds of things that create an unsafe environment for the truck driver. I feel bad for the truck driver in a way, because they're trying to make a living, but it's really the puppeteer behind them—the supervisor, the dispatcher—that's really driving the train, leading them to do these unsafe things.

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