Are Instant Pot Pressure Cookers Safe?

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Are Instant Pot pressure cookers safe? If you’re doing a lot of cooking at home during the quarantine, be extremely careful with pressure cookers. Attorney George McLaughlin says that these products are not as safe as advertised.

George McLaughlin is a personal injury and product liability attorney who accepts cases from across the country. He is based in Denver, Colorado, and he’s spoken to many people who were injured when their pressure cookers exploded.

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Instant Pots may pose serious safety risks.

Instant Pot and similar products are supposed to have a safety feature in which until the float valve drops down indicating a release in pressure, the lid remains locked and cannot be opened. However, this safety feature has proven to be defective on many occasions, causing severe injuries and burns to the consumers who use them.

The contents of a pressure cooker can reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit, hotter than the temperature of boiling water.

With this comparison in mind, it’s no surprise that this product holds serious inherent dangers in using it. When the float valve drops, users of this product have been opening the lid, believing understandably that the pressure has been released, only for the lid to blow off the product, allowing the super-heated contents of the pot to literally explode out, causing severe burns and other injuries. While Instant Pot claims this is not possible due to its safeguard, these injuries are still occurring.

If you have been injured by a defective product, you could have a claim against the manufacturer.

Whether you were injured by a defective Instant Pot, other pressure cooker, or another product altogether, you may be entitled to a claim against the manufacturer that could help pay your medical bills and other potential damages. Manufacturers like Instant Pot are aware of the dangers their products pose, and should be held accountable for making them as safe as possible for users.

Exercise extreme caution when using an Instant Pot or other pressure cooker.

Pressure cookers provide a convenient, tidy way to provide a meal for you or your family. However, it is essential that a person choosing to use these products exercises the utmost caution to avoid sustaining a severe injury due to possible defects in the product’s safeguard features. If you or a loved one have been injured due to a defective product like Instant Pot, contact an attorney to see what compensation you may be eligible for.

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Video Transcript:

Is cooking in your Instant Pot dangerous? It could be. I’m Rob Rosenthal and this is an legal brief. With Americans being asked to stay in our homes, more and more of us are cooking for our families rather than going out. However, according to some experts, if you’re using a pressure cooker like an Instant Pot to do it, you could be putting you and your family at risk.

Lawsuits have been filed across the country on behalf of users who say they have suffered burns when the superheated contents of the cooker exploded. Denver attorney George McLaughlin has represented many people injured by faulty pressure cookers and he says:

“Instant Pot marketed this product with claims such as, ‘Instant Pot is carefully designed to eliminate many common errors that may cause harm…’ and ‘a safety feature, until the float valve drops down, the lid is locked and cannot be opened.’ However,” he says. “Many consumers have been seriously burned using Instant Pots. Believing that the pressure had been released, they started to open the lid. Rather than the lid being locked in place, as the company
claims, the lid blew off. The superheated contents literally exploded out of the pot, scalding them. Instant Pot claims this can’t happen, but it does.”

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