18-Wheeler U-Turn Caused a Truck Accident?

This video features Joseph V. Camerlengo Jr., B.C.S., a Personal Injury attorney based in Florida.

Florida Injury Lawyer Explains the Danger of Semi-Truck U-Turns

Video Transcript:

Rob Rosenthal:

What should drivers know about U-turn accidents caused by 18-wheelers? We're asking Florida lawyer Joe Camerlengo for an Ask the Lawyers Quick Question.

Joe Camerlengo:

U-turns should never be done by a tractor trailer unless there is a police officer directing them. Most good trucking companies have absolute prohibitions against any U-turns, they are the most dangerous thing you can do in a truck. Why? Because the headlights of the tractor trailer and the reflective material, the conspicuity reflective material on the truck do not work when the truck is across your lane and catty corner to you, it only works when it is perpendicular or near perpendicular to your point of view, and so not only that, but at night, if the truck, if the truck is doing a U-turn in your lane going back the other way, the headlights of the truck will actually blind you from the tail of the truck that's still in your lane.

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