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Want to Help Your Fraud Case? Hire an Outside Attorney

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In a situation involving widespread fraud, how can a nonlocal attorney benefit the case?

Jason Brown is Senior Litigator and head of the law firm Brown, LLC, based in Jersey City, New Jersey. He helps people throughout the country. In this video, he explains how someone from outside the situation might be seen as more objective and less connected to the situation.

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It can be helpful to contact an attorney outside the area where the fraud occurred.

While many types of legal issues require the help of a local attorney to understand state and local laws and their effect on a case, with issues like a fraud it can be helpful to seek aid from someone who has no ties to the community. This can prevent any accidental spread of information to uninvolved local parties who you might not want to be informed of the details of the case.

Additionally, hiring a non-local attorney increases the likelihood that the defendant or party accused of fraud and your attorney do not have prior experience with each other. This can help immensely, as it eliminates a lot of the possibility for bias and/or favoritism.

If you fear that involving a local attorney might result in complications, consider reaching out to a non-local attorney to see what advice they have for you and your case.

Dealing with the problem separate from the surrounding community offers several benefits.

While there are good lawyers all over the country, seeking legal advice and even representation from a non-local attorney could provide a variety of benefits to your situation. For example, an attorney coming from elsewhere to help evaluate the situation is more likely to be objective, less likely to be influenced by local opinion, and more likely to help keep the matter as private as possible.

It’s always a good idea to refrain from speaking about your case to anyone not directly involved with it; this applies to any field of law including fraud. Using a non-local attorney further mitigates this risk and can be extremely beneficial to the plaintiff or victim. If you find yourself facing a problem involving widespread fraud, consider contacting a non-local attorney to come in and evaluate the situation with an objective eye.

To learn more, contact Jason Brown directly by calling 888-981-0016 or by submitting a contact form on this page. The consultation is free and confidential, and you owe no out-of-pocket attorney fees.

Video Transcript:

Sometimes it's important to have somebody that's not in the hotbed of where a widespread fraud is going on, to come on in and take an objective view of what's going on. A lot of times there's a perception that all the defendants, the medical providers may know some of the lawyers that are local. And there's terrific lawyers all over the country, don't get me wrong, but you do want sometimes somebody from the outside coming in trying to look at what's going on who has no ties at all to the community, that you could feel comfortable that nothing's gonna get back.

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