Victim of Dorn Backlog Testifies Before VA


A victim of the notorious Dorn VA Medical Center backlog recently testified before a panel of VA officials. From 2011 to 2012, over 4,000 patients’ diagnoses and treatments were backlogged. The veteran testifying complained of rectal pain and repeatedly requested a colonoscopy but was only given constipation medication and pain killers. After consulting with doctors at other VA facilities, he eventually received a colonoscopy. Doctors found stage four colorectal cancer that had spread to other vital organs. If the veteran received the colonoscopy months prior, they might have been able to stop the cancer in an early stage.

He received a $150,000 settlement. Despite the urgings of many to fight the case and secure a larger settlement, he says he will not because he lacks the energy to engage in further legal battles amidst heavy chemotherapy.

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