TSAC Released a List of Over 100 Tips for Preventing Falls Overboard


After reviewing US Coast Guard incident reports of 55 passenger-overboard fatalities between 2000 and 2010, the Towing Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) identified 29 conditions that could lead to overboard falls and based on those findings, compile a list of tips to prevent falls overboard, including:

•          Keeping decks clean and clear of tripping hazards

•          Having a buddy system in place for those working on deck and making sure everyone on deck at night has a radio and a flashlight

•          Painting all perimeter and tripping hazards on a vessel in a contrasting color for visibility

•          Having de-icing procedures

•          Always keeping a hand free when walking on deck

“TSAC said the best way to address falls-overboard fatalities is through [building a] foundation of a strong safety culture, one that is predicated on a lot of learning and a lot of accountability,” said Brian Vahey, government affairs manager for the American Waterways Operators.

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