Could Truck Monitoring Technology Make Our Roads Safer?

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A picture of a truck accidentNew monitoring technology gives truck managers a minute-by-minute update on a smorgasbord of information. Some features include: reports on a truck’s speed, braking, cornering technique and any unauthorized stops. There are also options for driver-facing cameras.

In a Forbes article concerning this trucking technology, the Senior Vice President of Ryder System Inc. says that “the technology promotes safety on the roads,” despite any perceived notion of the intrusiveness of this technology into the truck driver’s personal space. Despite these complaints by truck drivers, these monitoring systems will be a win-win: a win for the trucking companies, because they can now increase their fleets’ efficiency, and a win for all motorists. Now, truck drivers prone to reckless driving are more likely to keep themselves in check since there is technology monitoring how they drive.

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