Traffic Safety Tips for Cyclists

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Cyclists face many dangers on the road. Most of them are caused by drivers who aren’t keeping an eye out for bicycles.

In this video, experienced cyclist and injury attorney Frederick Dudek explains some essential traffic safety tips for cyclists.

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Video Transcript:

If you find yourself riding in an area where there are parked cars, there are things that you could do. First of all, stay at least three feet away from the parked cars, even if that means you have to be in the travel lane, you have a right to do that. In California, cyclists are required to ride to the right, but only as far as practicable and if there are cars parked in that three foot zone, that door zone between a parked car and where a door could open is a very dangerous area. So stay away from that area if at all possible. It may help to ride with a mirror so you can see if the traffic is clear behind you. And if there is, then take the lane, get out of the right hand side over into the car lane at least three feet from parked cars.

The other thing the cyclist can do is to be extremely careful at intersections. Most cycling accidents involving motor vehicles occur at intersections and one of the things that you can do in one of the things that the traffic skills course teaches is to get out of the bike lane or away from the right hand side and in the travel lane at intersections because intersections are an area where even if there are bike lanes, cars have the right to traffic to go through that bike lane, if it’s the only way for them to cross the street. So rather than staying in the bike lane or to the very right where cars are not expecting you to be, check for safety first, and if it’s clear, move away from the right hand side out into the center of traffic where the cars would be that allows you to be seen by drivers, go through the intersection, and then move over to the right hand side again.

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