Tractor Trailer Strikes Pedestrian in Bordentown


A 19-year-old man was killed after being hit by a tractor trailer as he walked along the highway in Bordentown, New Jersey. The young man was walking down Highway 206 when the truck struck him, and the driver immediately pulled into the Petro truck stop on Rising Sun Road and called the police. The authorities responded, but were too late to help the victim, who was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation into what caused the accident is still in progress.

Trucking accidents can be difficult, legally speaking. There can be multiple causes behind a collision. If the accident was caused by driver negligence, the victim’s family can sue for wrongful death. The cause could also be mechanical. If the brakes failed, the trucking company could be at fault for failing to maintain the truck properly, or the brake manufacturer could be at fault for a defective part. Even the crew who loaded the truck could be partly responsible, if they did not distribute the truck’s cargo evenly.

Until the cause of the crash is determined, there is no telling what legal actions may need to be taken. For now, we offer our condolences to the victim and his family.

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