Texas Attorney Interview: What if You’re Injured On Vacation?

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What happens if you’re injured on vacation? Should you seek legal assistance in the place where the accident occurred? Or should you talk to an attorney near where you live?

Gregory Herrman is an injury attorney in Texas with offices near the Gulf Coast. He frequently helps out-of-state visitors who were injured in tourist activities like parasailing, horseback riding, golfing, jet skiing, riding a scooter, riding an ATV, or bicycling. Even if they live out of state, he can assist because the local legal system holds jurisdiction over the injury claim.

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Topics covered in this video:

  • What are the most scenarios for people who are injured on vacation in Texas?
  • If I’m hurt while visiting another state, should I talk to an attorney in that state or someone in my home state?
  • Will it affect my case if I’m partially at fault?
  • If injured on vacation, should you contact a lawyer before you go back home?
  • Will I need to make trips back and forth to the state where the injury occurred?
  • What if I sign a waiver before going on an excursion? Am I out of legal options?
  • What are some precautions you can take to avoid injuries and accidents while on vacation?
  • What should you do if you’re injured during an excursion?

This video is for informational purposes only. In some states, this video may be deemed Attorney Advertising. The choice of lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements.

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