Testosterone Exposure in Women and Children

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Despite the growing popularity of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), many doctors are striving to warn consumers about the drug’s numerous health risks. Many know how the drug affects men, but few are aware that women and children can also be affected by testosterone exposure.

Many TRT products are meant to be absorbed through the skin, including topical ointments, testosterone gels, even nasal spray. Men undergoing treatment can easily leave the gel on counters or doorknobs. Family members can even be exposed by handling the man’s clothing.

If loved ones come into contact with application areas, usually armpits or hands, they can experience harmful side effects.

Testosterone exposure can lead to “inappropriate virilization” in children. The chemicals cause hormone fluctuations that can cause premature body hair growth, unusual aggression, and bone aging (when a child stops growing prematurely).

If women are exposed to the drug, they can suffer hair loss, fluid retention, and their voices can deepen. Pregnant or nursing women should take every effort to avoid testosterone exposure because the drug may harm fetuses and newborns.


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