Tesla Motors Offers Access to Patents Free of Charge

Tesla Motors builds the most popular electric cars in the world. Their models have a longer battery life than any other electric car on the market, traveling over 260 miles on a single charge. The Nissan Leaf, America’s most popular electric car model, only travels 84 miles.

Tesla currently holds more than 200 patents, with an additional 280 pending worldwide. In a move that surprised everyone, Tesla Motors has announced plans to provide access to their patents free of charge.

Why would Tesla offer free access to its patents?

According to Tesla’s CEO, the car manufacturer’s primary goal is to create “a system of sustainable transport.” By allowing others to use their technology, the brand encourages other businesses to build and promote electric cars.

Other companies have pointed out that without patent restrictions, Tesla will never need to track down or prosecute infringers. This could save the company millions in legal fees.

Can anyone use Tesla’s technology?

The company has pledged to allow fellow manufacturers to use their technology in “good faith” without the threat of a lawsuit, but it is still up to them. Rival car companies may never use the patents, but now everyone has the option.

Can someone else patent Tesla’s Design?

Tesla is not making its designs public; it is offering a free license to use its patented technology. Tesla still owns exclusive rights to the designs; the company is just permitting others to use them free of charge.

In a perfect world, Tesla’s efforts will prompt the auto industry to create more affordable technology for typical car owners.

For example, electric cars require charging stations to accommodate the battery’s limited range. Other car companies could be motivated to start building stations if they had similar technology in their own cars. Their contribution would help Tesla promote electric cars as a viable transportation option.


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