Technology Giants in Battle Over Patents


Apple is currently suing Samsung for patent infringement over features in several Samsung phones. Apple is seeking two billion dollars in damages over technological innovations like slide-to-unlock, word correction and contextual links. Samsung is countering with claims that the features mentioned in the suit were not Apple innovations at all, rather that they were developed independently of Apple so Samsung has done nothing wrong.

Google has come to Samsung’s defense and offered to testify in the suit about two of the innovations in question: background sync and universal search. They are willing to claim responsibility for the innovations and back up Samsung’s claim that they were not developed by Apple.

Technically, Apple could have named Google in the original patent infringement suit, but since they freely distributed Android, Apple would not have made much money off the case. Samsung on the other hand sold and distributed millions of phones, so a lawsuit against them would be much more lucrative.

No word yet on whether or not Google will assume any financial responsibility for the suit, but the details should be available soon.

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