Does Workers’ Comp Cover Car Accidents?

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Attorney Aaron Allison | 888-300-1476 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless You Win If you’re injured in a car accident while on the clock, does workers’ comp apply to you? Aaron Allison is an injury attorney based in Austin, Texas. He focuses his practice on helping injured Texas workers recover after an on-the-job injury. […]

Can’t Get Workers’ Comp in Texas?

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Attorney Aaron Allison | 888-300-1476 | FREE Consult After sustaining an on-the-job injury, many workers are surprised to find out that they can’t get workers’ comp in Texas. The state doesn’t require it, so many employers choose to opt out. This puts workers in a precarious situation after an on-the-job injury. There are very few […]

Video Blog: Workers’ Comp for Undocumented Construction Workers

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Is it possible to obtain workers’ comp for undocumented construction workers? In this video blog, attorney Michael Greenspan explains that workers’ compensation benefits can help all workers injured on the job, including undocumented immigrants. Contact Michael Greenspan by calling 888-392-6439. Video Transcript: If you’re a worker who is injured on a construction site in New […]

What Do I Do If a Work Injury Has Left Me Permanently Disabled?

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Many work injuries are minor, quickly treatable and result in full recoveries. But even if you work a generally “safe” job, like working in an office, there is still potential to suffer permanent injuries that lead to significant disability and reduced capacity for work. Fortunately, the workers’ compensation system is built to help even those […]

What If I’m in a Car Accident While on the Clock?

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Are employers ever responsible if their employees are involved in car accidents? The short answer? Yes. But not always. There are a couple factors that must be true for your employer to be liable for damages sustained in a car accident. When is Your Employer Liable? Here is an example to demonstrate a situation where […]

Forklift Accident Victim Receives $7 Million Judgment

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Forklift accidents can cause permanent and fatal injuries. They can also be prevented if site managers obey regulations and take basic safety precautions. This legal brief features attorney Michael Warshauer, who recently recovered a $7 million judgment on behalf of a warehouse worker who lost a leg in a forklift accident. Michael Warshauer can be […]

Interview: What Every Worker Needs to Know About Workers’ Comp

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While workers’ comp serves an essential purpose: provide compensation to injured workers when they cannot perform their jobs. However, the system doesn’t always work as well as it should. In this video, attorney Sarah E. Stottlemeyer, partner at Stottlemyer & Associates, LLC, explains how workers can successfully navigate the workers’ compensation system. Contact her directly […]

Are Oil Companies Looking Out for Their Workers?

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With an increase in offshore drilling comes an increase in oil worker injuries. This is further discussed in the article Substandards for Overworked Oil Workers Are Common in the Industry.  The pursuit of profits by the oil industry is also further discussed in here. Houston, Texas Attorney Michael Tilton discusses the responsibilities that the oil companies have […]

Essential Information About Jones Act Protection

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If you work in the maritime industry, you have a few more options than workers’ compensation, should you become sick or injured. Instead of filing for the usual workers’ compensation, you are entitled to more extensive coverage thanks to a federal statute called the Jones Act. In this article, we will offer information about what […]

How to Win a Workers’ Comp Case

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Workers’ compensation is a deal made by many employers for the sake of their employees: If you get hurt or sick while working for them, then they will cover your medical bills and living expenses to help you get on track. Unfortunately, sometimes employers aren’t so willing to hold up their end of the deal. […]

Offshore Drilling Accidents and Workers’ Compensation

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Life in offshore oil drilling has a fatality rate that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports to be seven times higher than other U.S. jobs. Unfortunately, it is apparent that the oil company’s main focus is on getting the oil out of the ground at any cost, including the cost of human and […]

Does a Workers Comp Case Need a Medical Care Analysis?

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In certain workers’ comp claims and cases, a medical care analysis may be necessary. If you have been hurt in a workplace accident, even if you expect to receive workers’ comp, speak to a qualified attorney to make sure all your bases are covered. There may be additional avenues of relief that you are unaware […]