Do Trucking Companies Encourage Violating DOT Regulations for Truck Drivers?

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Attorney Gregory Herrman | 888-981-1283 | Free Consult “I am not saying every single truck driver out there is a bad guy, and every single truck driver out there is violating these rules. There are good truck drivers, but there are also bad ones.” Truck drivers are under immense pressure to make their deliveries on […]

How is an 18-Wheeler Collision Different from a Car Accident?

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Attorney John Sloan | 888-364-6814 | Free Consult An 18-wheeler collision is typically far more devastating than an accident involving smaller vehicles. John Sloan is the founder of Sloan Law Firm based in Longview, Texas, with offices in Houston and Santa Fe. He focuses his practice on truck and auto accidents, defective products, oilfield accidents, […]

How Do Attorneys Investigate an 18 Wheeler Accident?

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Collisions involving 18 wheelers often result in costly damages, severe injuries, and a higher chance of fatalities than other common accidents on the road. Big truck collisions can be devastating when they occur. It’s important that you have an experienced attorney on your side to investigate the accident, as there is a variety of evidence […]