Saving money in divorce can be possible if the parties are open to mediation and compromise and organize their financial disclosures.


How to Save Money During Divorce

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Attorney Chaim Steinberger | 888-981-0039 | Call Now for Consult Divorce can be an expensive process if you make the wrong decisions. As an experienced divorce attorney, Chaim Steinberger knows how to save money during divorce. One effective way to save money: make sure your soon-to-be ex-spouse has a good attorney. This keeps the process […]

How to Make Divorce Easier

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Attorney Chaim Steinberger | 888-981-0039 | Schedule A Consult Today Parties going through a separation try to find out how to make divorce easier. Tempers flare, accusations fly, and conflicts arise. However, as skilled divorce attorneys know, there are methods to diffuse tension and get parties to arrive at an amicable solution. It just takes […]

Interview: Child Support Across State Lines

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Kelli Byers Hooper | 888-558-1353 | Call for Consult After divorce, child support, and child visitation orders are drawn up, what happens if one parent moves out of state? Family law attorney Kelli Hooper explains how this could change child support orders, depending on the family’s situation. Topics covered in this interview: Common legal issues […]

Interview: Dividing Property in Divorce

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How do you go about dividing property in divorce? Who gets what? What counts as a marital asset vs a non-marital asset? Kelli Hooper is a divorce attorney based in Fayetteville, Georgia who helps clients in the Metro Atlanta area. In this video, she answers frequently asked questions about how property is divided between divorcing […]

Interview: How to Save Money in Divorce

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One of the biggest areas of concern for anyone going through a divorce is how it will affect your finances. Hiring a divorce attorney is not cheap, and if you go about things the wrong way, it could lead to financial disaster. Kelli Hooper is a divorce attorney in the Atlanta area. In this interview, […]

Interview: How is Alimony in Georgia Calculated?

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If you’re considering filing for divorce, you may be curious how alimony (aka maintenance or spousal support) will factor into the process. In this video, divorce attorney Kelli Hooper explains how alimony in Georgia is calculated, and how the recent tax law affected the finances of many divorcees. Make sure you consult with an attorney […]

Going Through a Divorce? Watch What You Tweet

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Divorce cases are delicate situations. What you say may change the course of any court process, even if it’s just a one-word comment or “liking” someone else’s post. So much of a divorce or custody proceeding relies on your character, and how you are presenting yourself to the judge. Some quick examples of how bad social […]

Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

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A separation frequently stirs up negative emotions like resentment and anger. Unfortunately, emotional conflict can make divorce even more costly. If you want to steer clear of a costly trial and court hearings, you should consider divorce mediation. Here is some information that will help you decide whether divorce mediation is the right choice for […]

Can I Ask My Spouse to Sign a Postnuptial Agreement?

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You may be unfamiliar with a postnuptial agreement. The prenuptial agreement is more well-known. However, a postnuptial agreement can be beneficial as well, provided all parties are on the same page. In short, yes, you can ask your spouse for a postnuptial agreement. It doesn’t mean, however, you’ll get the answer you want. Postnuptial Agreement: A […]

Divorce Is A Pain In The Assets

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Divorce is hard enough, and dividing assets doesn’t offer much in the way of relief. And although Carrie Underwood fans might get satisfaction out of trashing their ex’s car, the headache of the following highly-likely legal battle will probably have her paying him back for damages. (And by the way, carving your name “into his […]

Did Alex Jones’ Parental Alienation Cause Him to Lose His Custody Battle?

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In April 2017,  we learned about Alex Jones and his custody battle with his ex-wife, and as of two months ago, it appears there are still issues between the two parents. Times have been hard on the famous fringe entertainment personality. Over the past few months, he has been blasted with several lawsuits that have […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Divorce

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A small percentage of marriages end easily and cleanly with little argument from either side. Most divorces require a bit of push and pull before reaching a settlement. Here is some basic information that can help you to get the best possible outcome once the divorce process is all said and done. Honestly, there really […]

Can You Take Your First Husband’s Last Name in Your Second Divorce in Texas?

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Most people understand that women can change their last name to their maiden names as part of a divorce in Texas. However, what if the woman was divorcing her second husband and wanted to go back to her first husband’s last name? (She’s requesting this so that she shares the same last name as her […]

Recent Tax Bill Affects Alimony Starting January 2019

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If you haven’t heard by now, the new tax bill reaches far and wide to affect individual’s in all kinds of difficult situations—and that includes divorcing couples and the children involved. On Jan. 1, 2019, Trump’s rushed tax code to overturn tax deductions on alimony will go into effect. Lawyers are already seeing a rise […]

Can I Get a Divorce Without a ‘Get’?


An Orthodox Jewish woman has launched a social media campaign to help her obtain a ‘get,’ or religious divorce from her husband. According to CBS New York, Rivky Stein has created a Facebook page in which she accuses her husband of emotional and physical abuse, including raping and beating her, while she was pregnant. The […]