After a car accident, it is important to speak to an attorney before making a recorded statement to the at-fault driver’s insurance company.


Work-Related Car Accidents: Can I Get Workers’ Comp?

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Attorney Sarah E. Stottlemyer | 888-981-8971 | Free Consult “You want to notify someone immediately, your supervisor or your HR. Notifying a co-worker doesn’t really count… In Georgia, there’s a 30-day time limit where you need to notify your employer…” After a work-related car accident, it is important to know and understand if you qualify […]

Collecting Evidence After a Car Crash

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Attorney Ben Dominguez | 888-981-5244 | Free Consultation It can be daunting to know what to do if you’ve been in a car wreck. If you’re able to, it’s a good idea to immediately try to gather some evidence after a car crash so you can protect yourself in case you need to pursue legal […]

Do I Have a Good Car Accident Case?

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Attorney Gregory Herrman | 888-981-1283 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win “Every case is different, [the case value] is going to depend on the severity of your injury, it’s going to depend on how many medical bills you’ve already accumulated… Usually people come to us right after the accident so they’re going […]

What To Tell Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

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Attorney JD Smith | 888-981-0015 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win “You have to remember that, if you have been in an accident, you are not feeling your best. Sometimes you may be under the influence of medication, and it may not be the best time [to speak to insurers]. Not to […]

Will I Have to Appear in Court for a Car Accident Lawsuit?

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Attorney Logan Quirk | 888-981-1320 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win “In a [trial situation], I would say 95 percent of cases [are settled prior to ending up in court]. However, these days the insurance companies are [letting more cases go to trial so that they have a lower chance of having […]

Are Electric Cars Safe?

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Attorney Marc Lenahan | 888-981-0019 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win “I love [electric cars] but, let me tell you … they can be dangerous in ways that people often overlook.” Some electric car makers claim that their vehicles are the safest ones on the road. Is that true? Are electric cars […]

Injured in I-80 Crash in Wyoming?

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Attorneys Tom Metier and Grant Lawson | 888-634-7366 | FREE Consult | No Fee Without Recovery In early March, a devastating pair of car and truck accident killed three people and injured several more. A total of 30 people required hospitalizations, and over 100 vehicles were involved in the crash, including several large tractor-trailers. The […]

After a Car Accident, Should You Accept a Settlement from the Insurance Company?

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Attorney Gregory Herrman | 888-981-1283 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win “[The other driver’s insurance company] is not your friend. They’re gonna act like they’re your friend. [But] their job is to pay you as little as possible. So if they can trip you up, get you in a trap, make it […]

My Car Insurance Denied My Claim. Now What?

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Attorney Mike Maxwell | 888-981-0042 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win “Insurance companies will only pay claims because of litigation or the threat of litigation.” Wondering what to do after your car insurance denies your claim? Mike Maxwell is an injury attorney with the Maxwell Graham law firm in Issaquah, Washington. In […]

How To Talk To Car Insurance Companies After An Accident

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Attorney Tyler Bailey | 888-981-0034 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win “You need to be very careful what you say to an insurance company after a wreck, because the insurance company is going to try to tie you in to what you say.” Wondering how to talk to car insurance companies after […]

8 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

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Attorney JD Smith | 888-981-0015 | FREE Consult | No Fees Unless We Win If you’re wondering what steps to take after a car accident, attorney JD Smith has your answer. JD Smith is a car accident attorney in Seattle with the Law Office of JD Smith, PLLC. He has been a Super Lawyer from […]

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Car Accidents?

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Attorney Aaron Allison | 888-300-1476 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless You Win If you’re injured in a car accident while on the clock, does workers’ comp apply to you? Aaron Allison is an injury attorney based in Austin, Texas. He focuses his practice on helping injured Texas workers recover after an on-the-job injury. […]

Law Offices of Pius Joseph Announce $1,250,000 Car Accident Settlement

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The Law Offices of Pius Joseph is pleased to announce that it has obtained a settlement of $1,250,000 for the victim of a car accident in California. The case involved an 18-year-old high school senior who was on her way to San Bernardino, driving on the 210 Freeway in her Honda Civic. After experiencing troubles […]

Do I Have a Car Accident Case?

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Attorney Richard Kenny | 888-981-5253 | Free Consult | No Fee Unless You Win After a crash, many survivors wonder: do I have a car accident case? As New York attorney Richard Kenny explains in this video, there is a law in New York that limits who can file a car accident lawsuit. The best […]

Did a Defective Car Part Cause Your Accident?

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Attorney Stewart Eisenberg | 888-644-4288 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless You Win A defective car part can cause an accident, or make an accident much worse. If you suspect that a defective car part played a role in your car accident, talk to a lawyer right away so they can investigate your accident […]

Hit by an Uninsured Driver? It’s More Likely Than You Think

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Attorney Michael Trauscht | 888-334-0330 | Free Consult Attorney Michael Trauscht says that up to 50 percent of drivers in his state of Arizona have no insurance. Unless you take specific protections now, you could be facing an uphill battle if you’re severely injured in a car accident with a driver who has no insurance. […]

How An Injury Attorney Helped a Family Recover $15 Million After Fatal Car Accident

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Tragedy struck on a day that was supposed to be filled with joy. As they were heading from a wedding to the reception, a car carrying the best man and two bridesmaids was stopped at a red light when it was struck from behind by a car going over 70 mph. The two bridesmaids sustained […]

Where Are Colorado’s Most Dangerous Roads?

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With the holidays not too far away and road trips on the horizon, now is a good time to review some data to help you prepare for traveling. An organization called ASecureLife, which reviews online security systems, analyzed three years’ worth of data on summer driving (2015 to 2017) to identify the most dangerous roads […]