Birth Injury Attorney: Don’t Expect Doctors to Apologize

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In a recent video interview, an Atlanta birth injury attorney went into detail on everything family members need to do after a serious injury takes place involving childbirth. In the interview with™, she explained the challenges faced by families after a birth injury occurs. She also addressed the question of why Georgia has the […]

Legal Brief: Why Do Black Women Have More Birth Complications?

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Compared to white women, black women have higher rates of complications during birth. These result in injuries to both the mother and the baby. This legal brief features Lyle Griffin Warshauer, a personal injury lawyer who has years of experience handling cases involving birth injuries. She says that there are a number of factors that […]

Can Medical Malpractice Cause a Brachial Plexus Injury?

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The short answer is yes, but not all cases are the same. You’ll need a qualified attorney to examine the facts of the case in detail to determine the merits of a suit. However, many cases have found that brachial plexus injuries are often preventable. Brachial Plexus Injuries Are Often Preventable The brachial plexus is […]

Interview: Birth Injury and Delivery Room Error

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Errors made in the delivery room can result in lifelong injury and disability. Birth injury attorney Lyle Griffin Warshauer explains what parents can do. Topics covered in this interview: Why are birth injuries still occurring in the United States? Why do minority families suffer birth injuries more often? Does poor prenatal care cause birth injuries? […]

What Should You Do If Your Child Suffers a Birth Injury?


The birth of a newborn is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but when things go wrong during the delivery process, it can create problems that last for the rest of the child’s life. Bob Baizer is a birth injury attorney, and he knows how to help families after a devastating birth injury causes permanent […]

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Shocking Effects of a Birth Injury, How to Tell, and What to Do

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A birth injury is a very serious problem, and sometimes the effects of the injuries don’t show up for years. What is even more tragic is that negligence and poor judgment is the cause for preventable injuries of 6 to 8 out of 1,000 babies every year, according to Birth Injury Guide. When this happens, […]