What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

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Bicycle accidents can have severe, life-lasting consequences. Without the protection afforded to passengers in a standard vehicle, any collision between a bicycle and passenger vehicle could result in serious or even fatal injuries. Whether you ride a bicycle recreationally or for transportation, inherent risks exist that can be mitigated by properly maintaining the bike to […]

San Francisco Bike Accident: Do You Need a Lawyer?

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Attorney Claude Wyle | 888-981-0826 | FREE Consult | No Fee Unless We Win “You will need a lawyer who knows their way around the dynamics of bicycle collisions. The dynamics of bicycle collisions are very different from car collisions or pedestrian collisions….You need a specialist who knows their way around [the legal ramifications].” Bicyclists […]

Traffic Safety Tips for Cyclists

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Cyclists face many dangers on the road. Most of them are caused by drivers who aren’t keeping an eye out for bicycles. In this video, experienced cyclist and injury attorney Frederick Dudek explains some essential traffic safety tips for cyclists. To learn more about what to do after a cycling accident, contact Fred Dudek directly […]

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Right Hook and Left Cross: How to Avoid Common Bicycle Accidents

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Even if you’re riding a bicycle, you are expected to follow the standard traffic laws applying to motorists. Likewise, certain expectations exist for drivers as well with regard to bicyclists out on the road. It’s therefore crucial that you know what to look out for, whether you’re behind the wheel or pedaling. What are the […]

Attorney Interview: Sharing the Road with Cyclists

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Many drivers and cyclists alike are unfamiliar with the details of cycling laws. Who is liable for a bicycle accident? What types of accidents should cyclists be on the lookout for? Fred Dudek is an injury attorney based in San Diego. He’s also an avid cyclist who participates in many local cycling activities and clubs. […]

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Beginners Guide to Bicycle Safety and Laws

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As fun, healthy, and cost-effective as it can be to ride your bike here and there around town or even cross country, it can also be quite dangerous. Furthermore, there are some legal things you should know. The Safety As an avid cyclist, I am well aware of the dangerous conditions that a bike can […]