Why Do Companies Favor Arbitration?

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Attorney Aaron Allison | 888-300-1476 | FREE Consult | No Out-Of-Pocket Fees What should you do if you’re injured on the job? Workers’ compensation may be an option, depending on what state you live in and whether your employer is obligated to provide it. In some cases, you may have the right to file a […]

What Is Hidden in Electric Scooter Rental Agreements?

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Liability in E-Scooter Accidents The rise of electric scooters, or e-scooters, leaves riders with many questions. Who is liable in an accident? What happens if someone gets hurt? Can riders file a lawsuit? Betsy Greene is an injury attorney in Bloomington, Indiana. As she explains in this video, the agreements for scooter rentals like Bird and […]

Forced Arbitration Threatens Millions of American Workers

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More and more employers have been sneaking certain stipulations into employment contracts, and some of them actually require employees to give up certain rights. Even more unsettling is the latest majority ruling of the United States Supreme Court to support the employer over the employee in this case, even if the employee unknowingly succumbed to […]