Common Cause of 18-Wheeler Accidents: Not Training Drivers

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Attorney Carson R. Runge | 888-364-6814 | Free Consult “Time is money for these 18-wheeler companies. So if they halt putting someone behind a tractor-trailer, then that’s money that they’re losing in hauling freight.” Carson R. Runge is a personal injury attorney with Sloan Law Firm with offices in Longview and Houston, TX. He concentrates […]

Do Trucking Companies Encourage Violating DOT Regulations for Truck Drivers?

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Attorney Gregory Herrman | 888-981-1283 | Free Consult “I am not saying every single truck driver out there is a bad guy, and every single truck driver out there is violating these rules. There are good truck drivers, but there are also bad ones.” Truck drivers are under immense pressure to make their deliveries on […]