Why Does South Carolina Have Such a High C-Section Rate?

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South Carolina doctors fear the costs of expensive medical malpractice suits tied to birth complications. In May of 2013, Spartanburg Regional Hospital was sued for $2.5 million for birth complications taking place nearly ten years ago. As such, most opt to perform C-sections over natural births because they feel that complications are less likely and that they can thereby avoid costly medical malpractice suits. However, each C-section costs twice as much as a natural birth, so in the long run the practice is more expensive. The Director of Medicaid said, “Excess C-sections are driving excess costs…and excess poor outcomes.” In other words, the surgery is not necessarily safer than a natural birth, but as an analyst at Roper St. Francis said, “The medical community has…taken this major abdominal surgery and downplayed the complications that come from it.”

If you would prefer a natural birth, but your doctor is pressuring you into performing a C-section, our medical malpractice attorneys can help. The Proffitt & Cox, LLP legal team will work tirelessly to secure the full compensation that you deserve and bring justice to your negligent healthcare provider in the event of birth complications. For more information, call our office locally at (803) 834-7097 or toll free at (877) 276-0533.

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