Should You Use Health Insurance to Cover Car Accident Injuries?

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Does health insurance cover car accident injuries? If so, is your health insurance the best option for covering your medical bills?

Galen Trine-McMahan is a personal injury attorney with Metier Law Firm in Denver, Colorado. In this Quick Question, he explains that you should use your health insurance and that an attorney can help reduce your medical debt even further.

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Using your health insurance whenever possible could result in your medical bills being reduced.

If you were injured in a car accident, Trine-McMahan recommends using your health insurance whenever possible for a few reasons.

First off, your health insurance could potentially negotiate with your medical provider to have your medical bills reduced, often by half of their original cost, sometimes by even more than that. This presents an immediate benefit to a policyholder who would now have saved thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills right off the bat.

This potential for your health insurance to negotiate with your medical provider could be invaluable in reducing the overall cost of your treatment after a car accident. It’s a good idea to request a copy of your medical records to keep for the future in case further legal action needs to be taken down the road.

Using your health insurance could allow your attorney to negotiate with your insurance company to reduce what you might have to pay them.

Not only can using your health insurance after a car accident present the opportunity for your health insurance provider to negotiate with your medical care provider, but this also presents the opportunity for an attorney to step into the negotiations on your behalf. When using your health insurance to pay for medical bills after a car accident, an attorney can further negotiate with your health insurance company itself to potentially reduce the overall amount of what you will have to pay out for your coverage. This is referred to as “subrogation”, and is simply a word that refers to a debt that you might owe to your health insurance which an attorney could help greatly reduce.

If finances are a concern and you worry that you cannot afford to involve a lawyer, it might help to note that the majority of car accident and personal injury attorneys work on contingency; this means that you don’t pay them unless they win.

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident and want to learn more about how you can apply your health insurance to cover your injuries and potentially have your medical bills and health insurance bills reduced with the help of an attorney, seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney.

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Video Transcript:

Christine Haas:

Should I use my health insurance if I’ve been hurt in a crash? We asked Colorado attorney Galen Trine-McMahan in this Quick Question.

Galen Trine-McMahan:

I would say the short answer is, yes, to use your health insurance whenever possible, and make sure that they have your health insurance card and the reason for that is really two-fold. First off, health insurance negotiates off the bat with any medical provider and tries to get the bills knocked down, oftentimes down to half, maybe even more, and that’s just an immediate write-off that you get the benefit of, and those are thousands, maybe tens of thousands of medical bills that get wiped out off the bat.

The other great reason to use health insurance especially if you were hurt because of the fault of someone else and you may end up getting insurance benefits or working with an attorney, is that the attorney can then further negotiate with the health insurance company and reduce down what you might have to pay out to them. It’s something that’s given a term subrogation: it’s just a fancy word for a debt that you may owe to your health insurance.

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