Should Injured Elderly Seek Specialized Representation?

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How One Injured Elderly Woman Sought Justice

An 89-year-old woman was injured in a crash, and it completely changed her life. However, the insurance company refused to comply, saying that according to her medical records, she was completely fine.

In court, her lawyer John H. (Jack) Hickey successfully argued that this was not the case. The jury agreed, and awarded her estate a $4.5 million verdict.

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Video Transcript:

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The 3rd District Court of Appeals in Florida has upheld a $4.5 million verdict in a survivor action for an 89-year old victim of a car crash.

In his ruling, the judge said the large verdict does raise a judicial eyebrow, but is not a haywire or runaway award, and the jury fulfilled its constitutional charge.

Lead attorney for the plaintiff, attorney Jack Hickey, of Hickey Law Firm in Miami, says “this may not be the largest verdict in the world. But it is the largest verdict in the world for an 89 year old woman who was in a car crash and died 4 ½ years later of unrelated causes. The case then became a survivor action which is for the pain and suffering of a woman who never set foot in the courtroom and whose deposition was not taken. I am proud of the result and happy for my clients.”

As a result of the Court of Appeal ruling… the judgement stands and the insurance company is required to pay the verdict amount plus post judgement interest for a total of nearly $5.1 million.

Hickey Law Firm has a team of 4 trial lawyers, including lead trial attorney Jack Hickey, who in a few short years as a plaintiff’s attorney has recovered over $100 million for his clients.

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