Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: What to Do After a Crash

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“Often the injuries are catastrophic, or in some instances it’s death. So we may be able to achieve a very hefty settlement, notwithstanding the comparative fault.”

What should you do immediately after a motorcycle crash? If you’re partly responsible, could you still have a case? When do you get an attorney involved?

Before JD Smith became a Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer, he worked as a claims rep for a large insurance company. Since he has experience defending the insurance company, this gives him a strong advantage because he’s familiar with both sides of these claims.

JD Smith is a personal injury attorney in Seattle with the Law Office of JD Smith, PLLC. He has been a Super Lawyer from 2007 to 2019, and he was the recipient of the Professionalism Award from the Washington State Association of Justice.

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Key Takeaways From JD Smith:

Motorcycle cases are unique from other automotive accidents in a variety of ways. One of the most significant differences is the belief many jurors have that motorcyclists are assuming a certain level of risk by choosing to ride a motorcycle rather than a standard vehicle. It’s important to find an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can combat these assumptions both with a jury and with insurance companies to make sure an injured rider does not miss out on compensation due to bias.

Driving defensively with the assumption that motorists do not see you is an important safety tip for motorcyclists to follow.

This is especially true when a motorcyclist is changing lanes, passing, or attempting to drive through an intersection. Visibility is often limited in these situations and can be too easy for a driver to fail to check their blind spot and collide with a motorcycle. Wearing bright colors or reflective material can help increase rider visibility and therefore safety when sharing the road with other vehicles. It’s important to remember that if an accident does occur, even if you are partially at fault, you may still be eligible for compensation depending on your state.

Motorcyclists caught in an accident without a helmet may still receive compensation, but the amount of compensation could be affected.

Helmets are required in many states, and each state may have different qualifications regarding what helmets are sufficient for riders to wear while on the road. Although a motorcyclist who fails to wear a helmet and finds themself in an accident can still seek and even receive compensation for their damages, it is likely that due to inherent bias of the jury, they will receive a lesser amount of compensation than they had if they had been wearing the helmet. It is easier to defend the character of a rider and argue that they deserve compensation if the rider was taking obvious safety precautions at the time of the accident. Insurance adjusters may have a similar reaction against riders who were not taking precautions at the time of the accident.

Evidence available in a motorcycle accident often differs from that available after a car accident.

This is due primarily to the nature of motorcycle accident injuries. Without the exterior protection offered by the body of a standard vehicle, riders often suffer more severe injuries and are unable to take pictures at the scene of the accident or exchange information with the other driver or witnesses. This is where the police can step in and gather evidence on behalf of the rider. However, even law enforcement misses things. This is why it is especially important to contact an attorney after a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accident attorneys are aware of what kind of evidence is likely to be available and can secure it before it is destroyed or naturally dispersed. If your loved one is too injured to contact an attorney, you may do so on their behalf to ensure that an investigation begins as soon as possible.

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