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What Is the Difference Between a Failed Procedure and Medical Malpractice?

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Surgery—no matter how simple or complex—isn’t a light matter. In any situation, you’re dealing with the possibility of something going wrong. In some cases, the medical team commits negligence or somehow deviates from the standards of…
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What to Do After a Red Light Running Accident

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Red light running accidents are not only common, but serious. Do your due diligence in exchanging information and seeking the assistance of an attorney—whether you’re at fault or not—as it may make the difference in the case of a lawsuit.…

Why Multiple Concussions Are So Dangerous

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Part of what makes concussions so scary that oftentimes victims don’t even know that they have them until it’s too late. And that’s just after one concussion. Each further injury risks longterm consequences. The Health Risks of Multiple…

Massive Truck Accident on Colorado’s I-70 Kills Multiple People

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A massive crash west of Denver has killed multiple people and injured many others. 28 vehicles were involved in the crash, which occurred when a semi truck plowed into stopped traffic. A fire of unknown origin followed, destroying several cars…
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UPDATE: Bills Challenge Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations for Victims of Sexual Assault

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What happens to victims who were sexually abused as children, and wish to seek justice as adults years later? A statute of limitations presents a roadbloack for that kind of case, and advocates for justice are encouraging the Pennsylvania Senate…

Is Your Boat Ready to Ride? A Spring Boating Safety Checklist

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Given we’re heading into Spring and the weather’s warming up, you can bet many are polishing their boats, bikes and more to enjoy the sunlight. With that transition, of course, comes the potential for accidents, breakdowns and more calamities…

Are Scooters in San Diego Causing Problems?

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Scooters have been showing up in great numbers in cities throughout America, including San Diego. However, the major scooter companies are beginning to face some legal pushback. A federal lawsuit has been filed against companies such as Lime,…

What is a Third Party Injury Claim?

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One frustrating aspect of on-the-job injuries is that employers are often completely protected in the event accidents happen in the workplace. That’s what workers' compensation is for. Yet there are some instances where the situation may involve…
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New Brain Injury Blood Test Could Save Lives

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Let’s say you have a traumatic brain injury. Maybe it was caused by a car accident, medical malpractice, a slip and fall accident, or some other type of injury. If you’re filing a lawsuit to seek compensation for medical costs related to…