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Threats of Road Rage and What You Can Do About It

In Seattle on February 9, road rage managed to push more drivers off the deep end. This time, it was between a 23-year-old female motorcyclist and a 60-year-old male in a car. No one is sure what got them both so riled up, but at one point they…
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Hospital Scandal to Negate Insurance For More Money is Exposed

Car accident? One collision is bad enough, but beware of another kind of potential collision regarding medical bills and medical liens that can happen between you and your hospital after the wreck.  Michael Warner is someone that experienced…
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Substandards for Overworked Oil Workers Are Common in the Industry

The oil industry is booming in Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle. It’s even projected to beat the record of 1.26 billion barrels, which has been the highest on record since 1972 in the national record. Regardless, the amount of overworked…
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Court Hears Testimony of Juvenile Mass Murderer to Determine if He Should be Tried as an Adult

In the aftermath of the horrific mass killing spree at Parkland High School, American’s are facing a slew of questions, including how to prevent more child murders by juvenile mass shooters.  The Florida shooting happened while South Carolina…
infrastructure and roadway injury
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Infrastructure and Roadway Injury: Could Your Accident be the Government's Fault?

By now, you’ve probably heard that it’s Infrastructure Week in Washington. As the somewhat self-explanatory name suggests, it’s the week in our capital city where lawmakers and politicians  start the negotiations--bicameral, bipartisan…
immigration marijuana
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Legal Immigration + Legal Marijuana = Illegal Activity?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services maintains broad authority to limit entry of foreigners into the United States, possessing full licence and a strong might to bar migrants entry into the country if the foreign citizen has committed a…
student loan relief
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There are 44 million Americans swimming in a collective pool of $1.4 trillion student debt at this time, and sadly, this just makes crooked and greedy types see a vulnerable population to exploit. If you or someone you care about is struggling…
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Recent Tax Bill Affects Alimony Starting January 2019

If you haven’t heard by now, the new tax bill reaches far and wide to affect individual’s in all kinds of difficult situations---and that includes divorcing couples and the children involved. On Jan. 1, 2019, Trump’s rushed tax code…
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The Risky Truth About File Sharing and Intellectual Property

In 2013, Joel Tenenbaum was charged with illegally downloading and sharing copyrighted files.  He was accused by Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Bros. Records, and UMG Recordings for violating U.S. copyright law.  The assessed damages…