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What The Unanimous Supreme Court Verdict Means for You

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The Supreme Court recently issued a rare unanimous ruling. The topic: excessive fines and civil forfeiture. Many suspects of crimes have had their property seized. This includes all types of possessions, including valuable ones like cash,…
Show Cause Order

What is a Show Cause Order?

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You may have seen the phrase "show cause order" in the news lately... but what does it mean? We asked our criminal defense attorney what was going on with the case. He said: "The Judge in the Roger Stone case has ordered a “Show Cause”…
vermont car accident

Can You Get Workers' Compensation If You're Hurt Driving to Work?

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Surprisingly, yes you can—but it depends on the situation. Arizona law actually does state specifics in the case of workers’ compensation claims going and coming from work on a regular basis. Generally speaking, if you are not on the premises…

New York Man Files Medical Malpractice Suit for IVC Filter Blood Clots

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Medical malpractice law is a subset of personal injury law: someone wrongfully injured you, it just happens to involve a doctor’s office, hospital, or pharmacist. Legally that medical establishment may be liable for damages, whatever they…

Liability Laws for Defective Products: Electric Blankets

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We do love our electric blankets for one good reason—especially as many hunker down for cold winter weather. They keep us warm. The question, is do they keep us safe? And that remains to be seen as more and more lawsuits continue to pile up…

So About That Twerking Lawsuit

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Without a doubt, the recent development on a lawsuit from one Celia Yevenes of Harris County may raise some eyebrows, but it also raises an important question: what can you do when injured at a social work function? You could file a personal…

Keeping Track of All the Fyre Festival Lawsuits

Trademarks, copyrights, and advertising in general: they’re extremely well protected by law, which always gives rise to many lawsuits regarding fraud, IP, copyright infringement, and other cases involving social media influence. This is why…
new hampshire bike accident

Right Hook and Left Cross: How to Avoid Common Bicycle Accidents

Even if you’re riding a bicycle, you are expected to follow the standard traffic laws applying to motorists. Likewise, certain expectations exist for drivers as well with regard to bicyclists out on the road. It’s therefore crucial that…

Nooses, “Whites Only” Graffiti, and the Hostile Work Environment

Headlines about workplaces getting hostile might remind you of the classroom: boss bullying, unruly coworkers, and harassment. It’s all coming back, hitting hard in a way that’s unpleasant especially when facing the story of the General…