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infrastructure and roadway injury

Keep Your Car, Lose the Staggering Payments

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Yes, it’s true. Even when going bankrupt, you may not have to get rid of your car (or even real estate investment)! Instead, if you are able to file a Chapter 13 “wage earners” bankruptcy, then you could be able to reduce your principal…

Could Cooperating With the Federal Government Really Help Your Case?

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Accused of a federal crime? If there is a larger piece to this crime that you have information about, you may be able to use this as leverage for a reduced sentence. However, there is more to consider than you may think when it comes to cooperating…

Got Creditor Harassment? Take Your Debt Seriously: Jail is a Real Possibility

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The fate of many households around America hangs in a balance between living off of credit and simultaneously digging themselves out of debt. If they slip, they may be shocked to find themselves facing time behind bars.   It IS Possible…

Ford Engineer Wins Case Against Employment Discrimination and How You Can, Too

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Workplace discrimination comes in many forms, and some of the best-known companies have been reprimanded for this at one time or another. Sometimes these problems can be handled through HR, but unfortunately, it’s not always taken seriously…

Bankruptcy: How the Automatic Stay Keeps Your Creditors at Bay

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If you are going into debt and worried about folks coming after you for payments or taking away your possessions, you should know about a temporary remedy called “the automatic stay.” What is the Automatic Stay? It’s a really valuable…

Police Violence and What You Should Know

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Police violence is a controversial subject, and you may be wondering, "What do I do if it happened to me or to someone I care about?" Unfortunately, this is a very serious problem that must be addressed. We consistently hear about horrific incidents…

Why Everyone Should Get an Estate Plan

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When people think of estate planning, they might believe this is something only the very wealthy have to address. The truth is, an estate plan is one of the most important documents that you consider and execute, and they aren’t just for…

Deciding to File for Bankruptcy, Now What?

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If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. Although it isn’t the ideal situation, it can be incredibly useful for helping you get back on your feet. Many people have found that after biting the bullet,…

Are Corporations Testing Self-Driving Cars Putting Public Safety at Risk?

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Here we are in the era of self-driving cars, and we have one more fatality to add to the Tesla Model S incidents. This time, a pedestrian was killed by an autonomous Uber car this month out in Arizona in the middle of the night.  Earlier this…