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Are E-Scooters Safe? CDC Studying Scooter Activity in Austin.

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Austin resident Joe Cardillo was riding a Lime scooter home from work when he fell off, scraping his hands and knees and rolling a good five to ten feet across the pavement. "I fell into the street on Riverside Drive at 5:30 rush hour," Cardillo…

Why Does Texas Give Employers the Option to Provide Workers’ Comp?

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) says that the first workers’ compensation laws in Texas came in 1913. At the time, the legislators believed that employers should have the freedom to decide if they want to provide workers’ comp to…

Can I Sue My Healthcare Provider If My Baby Dies During Birth?

A woman, who was being held on drug charges in a county jail in Texas, has filed a lawsuit after she delivered a baby that died while she was in solitary confinement. According to the Wichita Times Record News, Nicole Guerrero is suing Wichita…