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Why Are Women Safer Drivers than Men?

San Diego women drive more safely than men, according to data released by San Diego County. From 2000 to 2009, men died in car accidents three times more often than women did. The driver who survived the crash was four times more likely to…
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Pom Wonderful Sues Coca Cola Over Deceptive Marketing

In a trademark infringement case, a plaintiff does not have to prove profit loss to win his case. If he can prove customer confusion and damage to his brand, he is still eligible to collect damages. In 2008, Pom Wonderful accused Coca Cola…
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Cities Investing in Cycling Attract Millennials, Women

San Diego and several other cities are investing in cycling-specific infrastructure while encouraging residents to ride bikes as a way to reduce traffic and air pollution, promote fitness and discourage sedentary lifestyles. Cycling already…