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Why Multiple Concussions Are So Dangerous

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Why Multiple Concussions Are So Dangerous

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Part of what makes concussions so scary that oftentimes victims don’t even know that they have them until it’s too late. And that’s just after one concussion. Each further injury risks longterm consequences.

The Health Risks of Multiple Concussions

The danger of permanent damage is multiplied with each subsequent concussion. Naturally after just one concussion, there is very much a chance for healing, and without a doubt some chance—that is if the victim pursues some sort of compensation, either workers’ comp or otherwise—that even an athlete can safeguard a career while focusing on getting healthy.

But if someone sustains a second concussion, that victim’s potentially dealing with permanent brain damage. The first concussion puts the brain in a fragile and vulnerable state. This means a second or third concussion will cause considerably worse damage than they would otherwise.

If you’re an athlete who sustains a concussion, don’t return to the field or practice until all symptoms have disappeared. You do whatever it takes, however long it takes. Because if you go back too soon, even the slightest accident could cause all of your progress to be nullified and potentially worse off than when you started rehabilitation. Coaches and trainers need to be cognizant of this so they don’t push athletes too hard.

Even when symptoms do subside, and you face another concussion, the risk is elevated. Talk and concern of having to move on to another career, perhaps seek Social Security disability benefits, would be a very real possibility. In fact, this can—and often does—happen a lot for professional boxers or MMA fighters.

There’s scientific proof that brain injuries possess a strong link with dementia down the road, so the long-term consequences are real. Chronic memory and cognitive impairment also can occur, making it extremely difficult to even work a regular 9-5 job. Seeking not only medical help, but legal help, to ensure you have the benefits you require to maintain the status quo is key, but it won’t happen all on its own unless you act now.

Seek Out a Lawyer with Brain Injury Experience

Your brain is your most important asset in life. If you have suffered a concussion, you’ll want to potentially consult an attorney about the possibility of some benefits, some compensation for the prospect of a future where you may be severely limited. Concussions occur quickly—but the results last literally a lifetime. If you do have any questions about these types of legal cases, simply call for a free consultation right now.

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