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What Risks Are Associated With the Profemur Hip Implant?

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What Risks Are Associated With the Profemur Hip Implant?

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Hip stem replacements come from a variety of manufacturers and may vary in relative risk and quality level. The Profemur hip replacement implant by Wright Medical Group which was recently acquired by Stryker, has come under criticism for a variety of problems leading to early device failure. 

The unexpected early failure of these implants has resulted in many people seeking additional surgeries to repair or even replace the implant. Hip surgery is no easy feat; not only is it expensive but it also requires the patient to undergo yet another rigorous recovery process that typically requires time off work and pain until the surgery site heals. Obviously, a hip replacement surgery is not something anyone wants to go through twice, nor should they have to.

While some hip implants may not pose any significant cause for concern, if your doctor informs you that your hip implant came from Wright Medical or Stryker, it may be a good idea to look into your options for compensation in the event that the implant fails or is already failing.

The following risks are associated with the Profemur hip implant:

  • Particles from the bearing surface wearing off with friction leading to failure of the device and debris damage inside the body
  • Cracking of the modular neck of the device
  • Sudden breakage of the modular neck of the device
  • Pain and inflammation around the implant
  • Loss of mobility in the hip and leg 
  • Need for reparative surgery
  • Need for replacement surgery

Litigation against Wright Medical and acquiring company Stryker is ongoing regarding these issues.

The problems with the Profemur hip implant have become so widespread that multidistrict litigation has surfaced against the manufacturers of these medical devices. Close to 100 cases have been collected for the multidistrict litigation which will eventually be tried before each individual case moves back to its home jurisdiction if the entire multidistrict suit is not settled. 

Multidistrict litigations may at first seem like class action lawsuits in that they involve many parties who have been injured by the same device. However, a multidistrict litigation is not a class action lawsuit; instead, this type of litigation is used as a way to save time and money for individual claimants by pooling resources and research to collect evidence that is pertinent to each and every case; however, these cases are tried on an individual basis, allowing individuals to seek compensation for their individual damages. This is good news for those who have suffered from Profemur hip implant failure.

If you suspect your hip implant is from Wright Medical or Stryker, talk to an attorney about your options.

If you or a loved one received a Wright Medical or Stryker Profemur hip implant, it's a good idea to reach out to an experienced product liability attorney in your area to discuss your options for recovery. Even implants that have not failed yet should be watched carefully. Some people find that preemptive surgery to remove or replace the device is just as grueling as waiting for the device to fail on its own, therefore they opt to leave the device in for as long as it will last. However, every patient who received a potentially faulty implant should be monitored and compensated for these risks which they were not fully made aware of prior to the initial surgery. 

The good news is that most product liability attorneys offer free consultations and even work on contingency, so if you find that you do have a case against Wright Medical and Stryker regarding a failed or failing Profemur hip implant, you will not be required to pay for your attorney’s services unless and until your case has been won. 

To learn more about the Profemur hip implant, reach out to a product liability attorney in your area. 

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