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What Kind of Content Do Clients Want from Attorneys?

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What Kind of Content Do Clients Want from Attorneys?

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Content marketing is an important tool in any lawyer’s or law firm’s marketing strategy. Content may include blog articles, attorney videos, social media posts, and more. Original content shared in any form can be a great way to display an attorney’s practice area authority, experience, personality, and more. Clients seeking out legal aid or representation will likely be drawn to some kinds of content more than others. The key to effective content marketing for attorneys and law firms is figuring out what kind of content potential clients want to see.

Types of content clients want to see from attorneys include:

  • Informative: Informative content encompasses anything designed to inform the audience of something they didn’t know about before. Anything a potential client could benefit from knowing about certain case types or the legal system yet is unlikely to ask about on their own falls into this category. An example of informative content might include a blog article or video discussing what not to say to an insurance company after a car accident, or actions to avoid during a divorce.
  • Explanatory: Explanatory content is similar to informative content in the sense that it is designed to educate; however, whereas informative content focuses on answering the questions clients should be asking, explanatory content focuses on answering questions that clients are already asking. For inspiration regarding explanatory content, consider the questions you or your firm most frequently receive from clients.
  • Personal: People seeking legal help often feel uncertain about their situation, their legal options, and their potential representation. A blog article describing why a particular attorney chose their area of speciality or a video introducing the attorney on a personal level can make or break a visitor’s decision to reach out for representation; if they find your personality appealing in addition to having great qualifications, you have a much better chance at signing the client than another attorney who the client does not feel a personal connection with.

Offering a wide range of content is a time-saver in the long run.

What if instead of answering a client’s question or clarifying a subject via a long, personal email or never-ending phone call, you could direct them to pre-written or recorded content addressing that exact issue? Instead of replying in great detail to every similar query, or explaining in great detail everything each client needs to know, attorneys can save time by directing a current or potential future client to ready-made content. Not only does this save valuable time, but it also shows that you know your clients well enough to predict their needs and provide for them preemptively.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to instill confidence in your clients.

Clients want to know that you’re good at what you do. Providing content that displays your comprehension of and experience with your field of law is a great way to show off your skills without looking like a show-off. Providing the information that clients may not know to ask for and answering some of the most common questions you receive every day are great ways to prove that not only do you know your industry, you know your market as well. Using various types of content to display a balance of professionalism and compassion can help a potential client feel comfortable enough with your disposition to reach out and learn more about their options.

Overall, clients want to know that you know what you’re doing as an attorney, and that you know how to treat people as human beings. Law firms that use content marketing to prove these points stand a much better chance at receiving legitimate inquiries and even new clients than a law firm that does not invest time and effort to producing high-quality, specific content.

To learn more about content marketing for attorneys and law firms, reach out to a legal marketing expert.

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