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What Can a Family Expect After a Truck Accident?

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What Can a Family Expect After a Truck Accident?

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Truck accidents are notorious for resulting in long-term injuries, permanent injuries, and even death. Considering the size and weight of the average semi-truck or 18-wheeler, the severity of the damages that can occur in an accident with a passenger vehicle can be devastating. The physical, financial, and emotional recovery process following a truck accident can be grueling for a family, even years after a truck accident. Some of the best ways family members can help after a truck accident are to contact an experienced truck accident attorney, collect evidence from the scene, and be present and supportive in the lives of those recovering from the accident.

Insurance may cover some of the initial damages.

Depending on the injured party’s personal auto insurance policy, their insurance may be able to offer an immediate means of partial recovery. For example, many vehicle owners have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical Payment (MedPay) as a part of their car insurance policy. These policies may be automatically added to a car insurance policy depending on the state, but can be waived in exchange for a lower monthly premium. However, car and truck accident attorneys do not recommend waiving this coverage; in fact, the more PIP or MedPay an injured person has in the event of a collision between a large truck and passenger vehicle, the more medical bills and accident-related expenses may be covered by insurance.

The trucking company may not be cooperative.

Unfortunately, trucking companies may not be cooperative following an accident with one of their vehicles. In fact, some large trucking companies have their own insurance and legal teams whose entire job is to protect their company from liability. This can result in an uneven playing field between the injured passenger vehicle occupants and the trucking company. It’s also important to keep in mind that a fast settlement offer from a trucking company and/or insurance provider is not always the best settlement. It’s advisable to consult with your own attorney before accepting any settlement offer, as it may only address the expenses a family is currently experiencing, without taking into account the damages that are likely to continue far into the future.

Truck accident injuries can result in significant changes to daily life.

Truck accident injuries may result in temporary lost wages, impairment of earning capacity, or even a permanent disability that prevents the injured party from working. Aside from the significant loss of income this job situation poses, truck accident victims often find that their daily life is significantly altered. From changes in mobility and function of the body to stress, personality changes, and chronic pain, life for a truck accident victim and their family is likely to require certain accommodations to return the family to an acceptable quality of life. For example, in-home care, ongoing physical and emotional therapy, access ramps, and more may all be necessary to returning to a sustainable way of life for truck accident victims and their families. An experienced truck accident attorney can sit down with the affected family to discuss the changes they have already experienced as well as to orient them with additional changes they can expect, as well as the best ways to mitigate the emotional and financial stress that often comes along with these variations in daily life.

Truck accident attorneys can help a family recover at no out-of-pocket cost. 

The good news is that hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer does not need to cause any additional stress on the accident victim and their family. In fact, hiring an experienced attorney to handle your case can be a great relief, as a good attorney can handle all of the complicated legal details as well as directing the family to support resources to help with the recovery and life adjustment process if necessary. Like most personal injury attorneys, truck accident lawyers typically offer free consultations to accident victims and their families, as well as working on a contingency fee basis. Working on a contingency fee basis ensures that the injured party does not have to pay the lawyer for their services unless and until their case is won, at which point the attorney is typically paid out of the lawsuit’s winnings. 

Hiring an experienced truck accident attorney is the best way to protect you and your family’s future following an accident with a large truck or 18-wheeler. To learn more about what to expect after a truck accident, or to discuss your case, reach out to an experienced truck accident attorney in your area.

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