Three Signs That a Trial Lawyer Could Help Your Case

Written by™ on behalf of S. Randall "Randy" Hood with McGowan, Hood & Felder, LLC.

Three Signs That a Trial Lawyer Could Help Your Case

Written by™ on behalf of S. Randall "Randy" Hood, a Medical Malpractice attorney based in South Carolina.


Trial lawyers are unique in that although any lawyer can go to trial, trial lawyers undergo specialized training in client advocacy and typically have much more experience in the courtroom than other attorneys. Clients who seek out and hire experienced trial attorneys can benefit from this training and experience in a myriad of ways, often guaranteeing a higher settlement upfront or a better chance at a successful verdict in court. While not every case needs a trial attorney specifically, some are more likely than others to benefit from hiring a lawyer with verified trial experience.

Three signs that may indicate your case needs a trial lawyer include:

  1. The case is unlikely to settle out of court or to settle fairly.
    Some cases are more likely than others to present a challenge regarding a fair settlement; for example, an insurance company acting in bad faith may feel that due to their better understanding of policy language, they can convince an injured party to take a lower settlement than that which they are eligible for. Hiring a trial attorney is a great way to ensure a fair settlement right off the bat, although it also provides protection in the event that the case does move to trial. Similarly, if you suspect your case will not settle outside of court and/or the other party is determined to take the case trial, hiring a trial attorney offers you the best protection and chance at success. An attorney who does not have trial experience may settle for a lower amount to avoid going to court and/or may be unfamiliar with courtroom proceedings.
  2. The defendant has a high-powered legal team.
    Unfortunately, when one party in a legal dispute has access to a high-powered legal team, it can leave the other party at a strong disadvantage. When this is the case, hiring a trial attorney is a great way to prevent any unscrupulous intimidation or legal tactics right away. For example, in a collision between a passenger vehicle driver and a commercial trucking company, the company likely has access to legal and insurance teams that know how to protect them from liability and take the smallest financial hit. This situation is one instance in which hiring a trial lawyer can do wonders for your case. In fact, commercial legal and insurance teams even keep track of trial attorneys in the area to watch out, as well as their records for success. In many cases, a commercial defendant will settle fairly with the victim as soon as they recognize the victim’s attorney, wanting to avoid an expensive and lengthy trial process.
  3. You want peace of mind.
    Hiring a trial lawyer is one of the best ways an injured person and their family can pursue their peace of mind. Choosing a trial attorney to represent your interests ensures you are prepared in any scenario, settling out of court or going to trial. A board-certified trial attorney also brings reliable field experience and understanding to any case they represent and does not charge any differently than other attorneys in their field. The injured party can hire a trial attorney for the same price as another attorney in the field but can receive the benefits of an attorney who knows how to handle themselves both in and out of the courtroom. When someone is facing particularly strenuous litigation, hiring a trial lawyer is a great way to prepare for any potential outcome.

To learn more about trial lawyers or to talk about your case, reach out to a certified trial attorney in your area.


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