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The Value of Video Marketing for Law Firms

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The Value of Video Marketing for Law Firms

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More people than ever are seeking out legal advice and looking for representatives via the internet. However, choosing a legal representative can be intimidating, even without solely relying on something as impersonal as technology to make the connection. According to Hubspot, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool; this is an increase of 63% from last year

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, many people preferred remote options for communication and learning. However, as great as the internet can be, there is often a lack of depth and personalization to the information people gather there; this is why it is particularly important for lawyers to make use of video marketing techniques to inform and communicate with potential clientele. The challenge attorneys face now is how to establish their authority on the legal matter at hand and build trust with potential clients, all while never meeting in person.

The legal industry depends on the ability of its members to connect.

The success of any case is dependent on how well the involved parties connect with each other. Connection generally results in openness, communication, and trust; however, these can all be much more difficult to foster in a remote environment.

If a client does not feel that their attorney has the expertise and compassion necessary to handle their case, they are less likely to take the legal action they need to. This presents the obvious need for attorneys to figure out how to communicate their expertise with authority, and how to make the personal connection on which trust is established and compassion can be expressed.

Video marketing presents a unique opportunity to check all these boxes.

Using videos to discuss subject matter ranging from why a specific attorney went into law to what to do after being hit by a car can help establish an attorney’s experiential authority and give them the chance to express their compassion with their voice, expressions, and body language. While it may not be as ideal as making connections in-person, video marketing presents a close second in a world where the former is rarely an option anymore.

While finding the name of an attorney via the internet might be theoretically easier for clients than ever before, vetting that attorney can be extremely difficult. When potential clients have the chance to see the attorney they are considering with their own eyes, hear them with their own ears, and are given the chance to listen to the attorney’s thoughts and experiences regarding their type of case, they are much more likely to reach out.

Every video sets you apart.

Some attorneys will acclimate to the online needs of their clients, while others will not. The fact of the matter is that a potential client is more likely to trust an attorney who they were able to watch and listen to in a video than one they only know about based on that attorney’s name on a web page.

While it is certainly important to have a web presence, the web presence alone is not enough. Attorneys who can offer potential clients an opportunity to learn more about their particular issue, discuss some of their experience with the issue to prove their authority, and express compassion for people in those situations in a visible and audible way are more likely to garner enough trust to receive a consultation request.

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