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The Value of Testimonials for Law Firm Websites

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The Value of Testimonials for Law Firm Websites

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Finding the right attorney is an important decision, and it is not uncommon for potential clients to feel anxiety regarding their choice. Positive testimonials from clients who have witnessed and benefited from your firm’s success can be immensely valuable to solidifying your credibility with current and future clients, and can even attract new clients to the fold.

Testimonials can be displayed throughout your firm’s website or on an established testimonial page. Testimonials can be collected from happy former clients and can range from a few sentences to a few paragraphs, although you may choose to limit your testimonials to a specific length. One paragraph testimonials are popular, especially for law firms, and provide just enough detail to offer helpful insight to new clients without taking up too much space.

Testimonials are a tool.

Testimonials serve multiple purposes. Not only do they clarify the benefits of working with your firm, but they also inform potential clients about what makes your firm different from others in the field. Testimonials can also offer engaging padding for an otherwise sparse website and may instill confidence in those who are seeking legal representation and considering your firm.

Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from happy clients.

Testimonials are unlikely to pour in on their own. Reaching out to former clients to check up on them is a good way to let them know you care, and it provides an opportunity to request a testimonial. Asking clients to share their testimonial in order to draw in more clients whose lives could benefit from your legal help is a great way to touch base with past clients as well as to begin drawing in new ones.

Testimonials can help make a website more engaging, especially if drizzled throughout.

While testimonials can certainly be collected and published on a dedicated page of the law firm’s website, including testimonials throughout the website might provide more advantages. It’s always a good idea to offer potential clients something they might find valuable without making them look too hard. This can also add a level of professionalism and personal engagement on each page of the website. A sprinkling of testimonials can help give potential clients a better idea of what your firm offers without coming across as braggy or inauthentic; it can also liven up web pages that might otherwise have looked empty or dull.

Choose your testimonials carefully.

Not every testimonial needs to be included on your website. Some testimonials might be extremely positive, but too vague to offer potential clients any real idea of what differentiates your firm from others. You want the testimonials on your website to discuss one or two specific things that the client appreciated while working with you, rather than making blanket statements that are positive but generic. Longer testimonials may be cut down to just the paragraph that discusses something particular.

It’s also a good idea to avoid repetition. If one testimonial discusses how communicative the attorneys with your firm are, the next testimonial should discuss a different positive trait, such as inside knowledge of the industry. To learn more about options for online attorney marketing, reach out to AskTheLawyers™.

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