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The Value of EBooks and Whitepapers for Attorneys and Law Firms

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The Value of EBooks and Whitepapers for Attorneys and Law Firms

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EBooks and whitepapers are two popular types of long-form content that are inexpensive to produce and can be excellent ways to display an attorney’s practice area authority. The primary drawback of eBooks and whitepapers is the amount of time and effort involved in putting them together in the first place; however, putting in the time and effort to create high-quality long-form content can pay off big for an attorney or law firm’s reputation.

Content marketing is particularly valuable for attorneys and law firms, where communicating credibility is extremely important to drawing in and signing new clients. While short-form content like blogs, attorney videos, social media posts, and even email newsletters are valuable and important to commit to, providing the occasional long-form content can set you and your firm apart as leaders in the industry.

Whitepapers and eBooks can provide some much-needed variety in a firm’s content marketing strategy.

While frequent short-form content marketing is a necessary part of any law firm’s marketing strategy, posting the same type of content over and over again can begin to feel tired. If you or your firm are seeing engagement drop off or simply want to try something new with your marketing strategy, investing some time and effort into developing a whitepaper or eBook for potential clients might be a good idea. Additionally, eBooks and whitepapers can be used as incentives in promotions, email campaigns, and more. Depending on where these types of long-form content are made available, they could even be the catalyst for drawing new clients to your firm.

EBooks and whitepapers can be used in promotions and/or to build an email list.

EBooks and whitepapers can be a great incentivizer in promotions. Promotions are a tried and true marketing strategy, but they can be difficult for law firms to navigate without a tangible giveaway of some sort. Promotions should be industry and audience specific, offering a prize or item that the target market sees a unique value in. EBooks and whitepapers can make a great prize to give away in law firm promotions, as they are both professional and should contain information that is specifically valuable to your target market.

EBooks and whitepapers are great tools for reputation management.

Compiling, editing, and producing high-quality long-form content is a great way for attorneys to show off their smarts without sounding braggy. This is a key component to reputation management for lawyers and law firms, as clients want to know that their potential legal representation knows the industry backwards and forwards, but at the same time does not want to feel condescended by their representation. High-quality eBooks and whitepapers can be produced at a very low cost while serving as tangible markers of the author’s experience and authority. Links to these and other resources can also be shared on a law firm’s website, social media profiles, and more.

To learn more about long-form content marketing for attorneys and law firms, reach out to a legal marketing expert.

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