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The Big Idea in Attorney Marketing

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The Big Idea in Attorney Marketing

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For attorney marketing to be effective, it needs to revolve around one big idea. While each specific marketing effort can address smaller parts of the bigger picture, each effort should remain consistent with the central theme. It can be easy to get distracted and present a main idea that isn’t as effective as it should be; for example, it can be easy to create an advertisement focusing on all the great things about an attorney rather than the client’s needs. While showing off a little bit can be a good way to show clients that you know your stuff, it should always be done in a way that makes it clear that the client and their problem is the main motivation for this legal prowess.

The client and their problem is the big idea in attorney marketing.

Depending on your practice area, the big idea may vary. For example, the big idea for family law firms might look like, “You love your family; we can help protect it.” For personal injury firms, the big idea might be, “You were wrongly injured; we can help with the aftermath.” Once the big idea is established, marketing becomes much easier. Knowing the big idea for an attorney or law firm can help establish what direction to move in with the website, social media, and more. Paid advertising opportunities in particular tend to be shorter in form and more limited in scope, so it’s important to stick closely to the big idea to make a more significant impact on your viewers right away.

You want your market to know that you understand what they’re dealing with.

Empathy is an extremely important and attractive quality in any relationship, especially between a lawyer and their client. The people seeking legal representation are often experiencing one of the most stressful periods of their life, so it is especially important for attorney marketing content to display strong and intentional empathy for what the people in a target market are going through.

A great way to express this empathy and simultaneously display an attorney’s practice area authority (staying in line with the big idea), is to put out specific types of content targeted to their clients’ unique set of problems. For example, if there is a certain question clients ask or should be asking, writing a blog article or recording a video explaining the answer can show that you understand and care about your market.

For help incorporating your big idea or for other attorney marketing tips, reach out to a legal marketing expert.

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