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The Benefit of Using a Specialty Website for a Law Firm

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The Benefit of Using a Specialty Website for a Law Firm

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Most law firms have one or more specialty areas they work with in their field of law; in some cases, it may be useful to create a separate, individual website geared toward one of those practice areas, especially if the firm is seeking out or receiving a high number of cases in that area. For example, a personal injury firm that receives many inquiries and high-profile cases regarding defective pharmaceuticals may benefit from creating and utilizing a specialty website with the sole focus of attracting defective pharmaceutical victims.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes.

A good way to understand the appeal of a specialty website is to imagine the hunt for a lawyer from the client’s perspective. Using the example above, if someone was injured by a recalled pharmaceutical or by a medical device they suspect to be defective, and they have already been researching lawyers for hours trying to compare and contrast what makes them different before coming across a website devoted entirely to their type of case, which lawyer do you think has a better chance of securing an inquiry? Building a specialty website lends a strong measure of credibility to a law firm’s expertise in that area.

Specialty websites require additional content.

That said, specialty websites still need to be fully formed. The difference between having a single landing page devoted to defective pharmaceuticals and an entire specialty website typically needs to be the depth and quality of the content. While a few concise paragraphs about defective pharmaceutical law may be sufficient for a content page on a law firm’s primary website, there ideally needs to be multiple fully formed tabs, consistent blog articles, press releases, videos, and contact forms on a specialty website. However, the good news is that this content is shareable between sites and can even be shared on social media to increase engagement, so while a specialty website may be more work it is certainly not a waste of content.

Specialty websites instill confidence.

The primary benefit of specialty websites for law firms is the way these sites instill an automatic level of confidence in a firm’s capabilities regarding that specialty practice area. Automatically, a law firm with a specialty website is set apart from other firms that do not, even if the other firms also have a strong track record in that practice area. Utilizing specialty websites might entail a good deal of extra work and/or finances, but once complete, it not only ensures your firm is competitive but genuinely sets you apart and above the competition in ways that matter to your clients. A firm that gives the impression that it is entirely focused on or primarily dedicated to a specific practice area is more likely to make an impression than a firm that does not take steps to communicate that fact.

To learn more about the benefit of specialty websites for law firms, or for other attorney marketing ideas, reach out to a legal marketing expert. 

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