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Signs That You May Have a Class Action Lawsuit

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Signs That You May Have a Class Action Lawsuit

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A class action is a type of civil lawsuit which occurs when too many people are harmed by the same thing to feasibly file an individual personal injury claim for each one. In this situation, a “class” or group of people is proposed, and if that class is approved or “certified”, can move on to file a class action lawsuit against the allegedly liable party. Common class action lawsuits involve defective vehicles, auto parts, drugs, and environmental toxins; some examples of famous class action lawsuits include the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Enron securities fraud, and tobacco settlements for smoking-related illnesses.

In each of these situations, so many people suffer from the same cause that to file personal cases would be impossible. Instead, one or a few members of the class are chosen to represent the group as a whole, and from there the case moves forward, similar to a standard personal injury case. If you suspect you may be eligible to join or begin a class action lawsuit, reach out to a class action attorney for help assessing your case.

Signs that you may have a class action lawsuit include the following:

  • The product that caused your injury is widely used
  • The product or situation that caused your injury would likely cause injury again
  • Many people are reporting the same difficulty with a product or situation
  • You were not warned of the potential risks of a specific product
  • If the harm was committed by an employer, you know or suspect other employees are suffering similarly

If any of the above apply to your case, you may have a class action lawsuit on your hands. If this is true, you can reach out to a class action attorney for help filing a proposed class action. When and if the class is certified, the lawsuit can move forward and other parties who believe they have suffered from the same thing can join the lawsuit as it progresses in order to compensate their damages with whatever settlement or verdict is reached between the parties.

First, check if a class action or proposed class action lawsuit is in the works.

In many cases, a class action lawsuit may already be in progress. When this is the case, it’s a good idea to contact the attorney or attorneys working the case to notify them of a similar experience, provide evidence if you have it, and to make sure you are registered as a class member in order to receive compensation if the case is successful. To look up current class action lawsuits, visit the Class Action Database and research class action law firms with connections to the particular lawsuit. In some cases, you may be contacted if you are suspected of having class action status in order to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for any harm caused by the allegedly liable party.

To learn more about class action lawsuits or for help filing, reach out to a class action attorney.

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