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Should I Take a Mississippi Boating Course?

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Should I Take a Mississippi Boating Course?

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Taking a Mississippi boating course is highly recommended! Anything that would help prevent serious accidents, injuries, and damage is worth the time. This is especially the case in Mississippi where the water can turn dangerous. Boating safety is paramount in preventing boating accidents.

What You’ll Learn in a Mississippi Boating Course

For starters, you’ll learn:

  1. That Weather Matters – It should be a given, but you never want to take your boat out onto the water when the weather’s bad. Always check the forecasts. If you see those clouds darken, keep your boat on land.
  2. Have a Checklist in Mind – Safety rules are key, but they’re also easily neglected, especially when you’re so excited at being a sailor. Having a boat’s fun; having it broken is not. So have a checklist to ensure safety procedures are always followed.
  3. Common Sense Is Key – Another way of looking at it is self-control. Think of your boat as just another vehicle, which you have the privilege of driving due to your license. It’s no different than a car. Always exercise common sense, drive it at safe speeds, stay alert, respect the right of way, and never take chances.
  4. Have a Skipper and a Float Plan – Two heads are obviously better one, and others knowing where you are when you’re out in the water is a very smart decision to make.
  5. Use Lifejackets Properly and Know How to Swim – According to the US Coast Guard, 83% of drowning victims in 2016 were not wearing lifejackets. Make sure you have plenty on board and feel confident with your swimming skills.
  6. Don’t “Drink and Drive” – That should make sense since drunk boating is just as dangerous as drunk driving. If you want to drink, stay on land—or on a boat that’s piloted by someone sober.
  7. Lastly, Get a Free Vessel Safety Check – Did you know the U.S. Coast Guard offers those as a courtesy? It covers a multitude of bases for you.

Dozens of things can go wrong while driving a boat, so it’s worth the investment to get educated.

A Boating Safety Course is Worth Considering

You’re held to a much higher standard as a boat owner. After all, many boats are much more expensive than even automobiles. Accidents can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. Be vigilant. Have a lookout. Be well trained in operating your boat. Go slow—even if there are no other craft around. If something fails on your boat, know how to fix it and have the right tools to fix it. Be wary of hazardous waters. Be safe.

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