Seven Tips for Law Firm Websites

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Seven Tips for Law Firm Websites

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A law firm’s website is possibly the most important element of their online presence. Other marketing efforts such as social media and paid advertisements should be designed with the goal to direct potential clients to the website where they can find further information about the law firm and services offered. In many cases a law firm’s website will be the first thing a potential client sees when looking for representation. This is why it is particularly important for law firm websites to look as clean, easy-to-use, and helpful as possible.

The following seven tips can increase a law firm website’s effectiveness:

  1. Incorporate White Space: White space on a website refers to the empty space where no pictures or text reside. Incorporating white space into the design of each page on a website ensures a clutter-free experience for visitors and actually looks more professional than a page crammed with graphics, pop-ups, pictures, or even information.
  2. Modernize: A good way to make sure your law firm’s website is modernized is by checking out the competition; modern law firm websites may use similar themes and typically avoid color schemes that are too dark or too vibrant. Similarly, modern websites typically have a clean, streamlined layout and utilize videos and buttons to increase efficiency and engagement for visitors.
  3. Optimize for Mobile: Smartphones and other web-capable mobile devices have become an increasingly popular way of searching the internet while on the go. Websites across all industries need to make sure their site and other digital marketing strategies are optimized for mobile use. An easy way to figure out if your site is mobile-optimized is to visit the site on your own mobile device and make sure you can view and access all parts of the website with the same ease you would on a desktop.
  4. Update: A common faux pas among law firm websites is failing to update the information therein. If an attorney is no longer with the firm, their profile should be removed promptly. Similarly, as attorneys gain experience and accreditations, these should be reflected in the attorney bios. Attorneys also need to provide updated headshots every few years; using outdated pictures doesn’t make a good impression and can make a law firm appear sloppy and unprofessional.
  5. Focus on User-Friendliness: One of the most important parts of any website is user-friendliness. A visitor to the site should be able to figure out where to go for exactly what information after browsing for a few seconds. If a website is hard to use or does not make the necessary information easily accessible, a visitor is more likely to leave the site in search of another one that keeps the user experience in mind.
  6. Include FAQs: Including a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on a law firm’s website is a great way to answer the questions of potential clients before they even ask. This list should be easy to find, clear, and comprehensive. Some law firms choose to create a page dedicated entirely to FAQs to make it easier for visitors to find.
  7. Utilize Videos: Videos are an important part of modern-day marketing and even website formation. Some law firms are choosing to replace their introductory paragraph or About page with a professional video in which one or more attorneys introduce themselves and their firm. Many users prefer to watch videos over reading text, and this can give the site a modern and up-to-date feel.

For more tips on attorney and law firm websites, reach out to a legal marketing expert.


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