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Millions of 2016-2021 Mercedes-Benz Recalled Over Software Defect

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Millions of 2016-2021 Mercedes-Benz Recalled Over Software Defect

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A software feature in certain 2016-2021 Mercedes-Benz has proven to be defective, failing to accurately communicate the vehicle’s location in the event of an accident. While repairs for the defect are underway in the form of dealer-installed software updates and possible wireless updates, 1.29 million of these vehicles have currently been recalled.

The eCall emergency system has been a valuable part of the Mercedes-Benz crash reaction system for years.

When working correctly, the eCall emergency software in certain Mercedes-Benz vehicles is designed to automatically call an emergency number with the location of the vehicle in the event of a car crash. However, in October of 2019 in Europe, it was recently discovered that this software had the potential to communicate an entirely different location than the one where the wrecked vehicle is actually located.

Obviously, this is problematic, as it could delay the arrival of vital help and emergency resources in serious and life-threatening situations. An investigation into the potential software defect resulted in the recent voluntary recall of all affected vehicles; basically, any Mercedes-Benz with the eCall emergency system manufactured before 2021.

Mercedes-Benz claims no injuries have been linked to the defect.

As of yet, Mercedes-Benz has announced that no one has suffered injuries as a result of the defective eCall system but admits the potential safety hazard it poses. This is why the recall was issued to dealers as of February 12th, 2021; affected vehicle owners should receive notice as of April 6th 2021. People affected by the recall will likely be asked to return their vehicles to a dealership to have the software fix installed by the dealer if a wireless download cannot be transmitted over the air to fix the bug. However, it is not evident at what point in time the software fix will be available. This recall is thought to affect 1,292,258 cars in the United States alone, although the company claims to be working toward solutions for affected vehicles in other countries as well.

This recall is said to affect the following vehicles:

  • CLA-Class, GLA-Class, GLE-Class, GLS-Class, SLC-Class
  • A-Class, GT-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLS-Class
  • SL-Class, B-Class, GLB-Class, GLC-Class, and G-Class vehicles

Mercedes-Benz has stressed that other functions of the automatic and manual emergency call system installed in the vehicle remain fully operational, and it is only the rare possibility of the system sending the wrong location to emergency services that pose a safety hazard.

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