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LGI Homes Facing Potential Lawsuit Over Unnecessary Storm Damage

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LGI Homes Facing Potential Lawsuit Over Unnecessary Storm Damage

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LGI Homes is facing a potential lawsuit from homeowners in Enumclaw, Washington’s Suntop Farm neighborhood development. When a fierce storm ripped through the burgeoning neighborhood in February of 2020, shingles from the roof and even siding from the body of the house was ripped off by the window; according to Kiro 7 News Station, some homes even experienced snowing indoors as a result of the damage.

The shingles and siding should have allegedly been able to withstand the storm’s winds if installed correctly.

Homeowners suspecting shoddy workmanship hired a private building inspector to evaluate the properties in question, at least two dozen homes; the inspector found that if the siding and shingles had been installed properly, they should have withstood winds of up to 116 miles per hour or more. The winds on the night of the storm were recorded at just over 50 miles per hour.

A construction defect attorney investigating the case commented that the sheer number of homes affected, all built by the same developer, implies much more than a bad day, and instead indicates negligent construction on a much broader scale. According to Kiro 7 News, LEGI Homes is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a 1.3 out of 5 star rating. LGI allegedly nailed the homes’ siding into drywall instead of studs and used too few nails to secure the shingles on the roof, resulting in structures unable to withstand a heavy storm.

Estimated repairs are ranging from $140,000 to $160,000 per home.

For new homeowners in the area, the cost of repairs on top of the cost of their new house is understandably overwhelming. In addition to the damages to the roof and siding on these homes, some of the homes had holes torn in them, allowing leaks and other water damage to occur, in some cases calling for an entirely new roof.

With 288 homes in the area built by LGI, many homeowners are concerned about the stability of their homes when faced with fairly routine storms for the area. Many of the residents in this neighborhood had only been living in their new homes for a few months before the storm and resulting damage forced them out. If homeowner suspicions are correct, the construction performed by LGI falls far below the building code requirements for Enumclaw.

40 people signed onto the class action lawsuit as of April 10th, 2021.

Of the 288 homes in the area, any homeowners experiencing the negative effects of this allegedly shoddy workmanship are eligible to join the lawsuit. Class action lawsuits are applicable in situations where the number of victims or “plaintiffs” in this suit are too many to reasonably hear on an individual basis in court. Construction defect lawsuits are particularly serious, as the cost of repairing the defect can be enormous and seriously damaging to unsuspecting homeowners and their families.

To learn more about construction defects or to discuss problems with your own home’s construction, reach out to a construction defect attorney in your area.

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