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Is There a Truck Driver Shortage?

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Is There a Truck Driver Shortage?

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The short answer is yes. The shortage is a serious problem. Our truck drivers put a lot on the line to transport goods across the country. Unfortunately, it seems that not even increases in salary plus bonuses are enough to attract more drivers.

The High Demand for Truck Drivers

In order to meet the demand of Amazon and Wal-mart, for instance, companies require more than 51,000 drivers.

That’s a statistic straight from the American Trucking Association, and the shortage may make it even worse very soon. At the moment deliveries are delayed due to lack of personnel, and prices will go up on all the goods we already buy. So naturally something has to be done: what about signing bonuses and pay raises?

Those might help, but no matter how strong the benefits are, truck drivers face many troubles on the job. The lifestyle is in fact rough on you: you hardly see your family, you don’t have much time to shower, the job puts a strain on marriages, and health deteriorates from poor diet on the road.

However, one thing’s for sure: you won’t find any other industry out there where you can simply drive a truck and make easy money without a college degree. While the pay is good, other industries are catching up that don’t require being away from home for so long.

Maybe 20 years ago, you’d be all right; nowadays, with inflation bloating everything and the cost of living going up, it’s just not enough. Even retail and fast food have comparable hourly rates, and there’s no leaving the state, your home, your family, your loved ones at all.

Yet those knee-deep in the industry with seasoned miles under their belt even recommend the work to friends and family precisely because for many, it’s a good job. And because the industry does need more drivers.

It’s a Difficult Time for the Lifeblood of the Nation

Sadly, the lack of truck drivers has a ripple effect on everyone who shares the road. Fewer drivers equals longer hours and shorter breaks between shifts. No matter how skilled or experienced the driver, there’s a limit to how long a human being can stay focused on the road. Many drivers are asked to go beyond this limit, putting themselves and others at risk of accidents caused by truck driver fatigue.

Many trucking companies are breaking the law by asking their drivers to go above and beyond. If a trucking accident occurs, contact an attorney who can investigate fully to determine exactly what happened - and what parties are responsible.

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