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ICE Doctor Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Misconduct in Georgia Detention Center

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ICE Doctor Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Misconduct in Georgia Detention Center

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More than 40 women have joined a class action lawsuit against United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and one gynecologist in particular who was called out by a whistleblower in the facility for medical abuse of his patients.

Allegations against this doctor revolve around but are not limited to unwanted hysterectomies, birth control methods, and other procedures performed without the consent of many of his patients in the facility.

Allegations of medical misconduct and malpractice extend as far back as 2018.

Dr. Mahendra Amin of the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia has been accused of performing unwanted medical procedures including hysterectomies as far back as 2018. The private contractor responsible for running the detention facility has also been named in the lawsuit. Since acting as a whistleblower on the alleged misconduct at the detention center, nurse Dawn Wooten has since spoken at news conferences regarding the trauma these women are said to have experienced at the hands of the doctor and those who allowed him to continue working.

Allegations in the class action lawsuit are wide-ranging and include the following among others:

  • Not being informed of the surgical procedure being performed on them
  • Not receiving pain medication after the surgery
  • Not receiving assistance changing bandages after surgery
  • Being given documents to sign in English despite not knowing the language
  • Being spoken to by the doctor in English without an interpreter

The lawsuit also alleges that ICE retaliated against the women who spoke up publicly about this mistreatment by periods of solitary confinement and even deportation. However, Judge W. Louis Sands ordered that none of the women involved in the litigation be deported until at least the case has concluded. Unfortunately, it’s possible that many other women who experienced the same alleged malpractice were already deported before this lawsuit was in the works. A federal investigation was already ongoing into this center, and will likely pick up speed with the news of this class action.

In October of 2020, a team of medical experts reviewed over 3,000 pages of records from just 19 women at the center, and the results were troubling.

The patterns displayed in these women’s medical records allegedly displays a troubling pattern in which surgeries were conducted without informed consent, and after received inadequate care during their recovery process. Some of the women who were deported allegedly for reporting this malpractice are requesting the government issue an order to bring them back, since their deportation was the result of unjust retaliation on the part of the Irwin Detention Center.

The women in this lawsuit are seeking a variety of damages for their alleged mistreatment.

According to the 160-page official class action complaint, the women in this complaint are asking that the detained petitioners be released from the detention facility and placed in safer community-based alternatives, and that the actions of the doctor and facilities’ in question be declared unlawful. If successful, this lawsuit will require the facility to provide adequate medical and mental health care to detainees in the future. The suit is also seeking compensatory and punitive damages, as well as the cost of the attorneys’ and litigation fees for the plaintiffs involved.

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