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How the HERO Program Can Help Stalled Cars on the Highway

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How the HERO Program Can Help Stalled Cars on the Highway

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One of the scariest things that can happen to someone out on the highway is their car stalling in the middle of nowhere. Tragically, many drivers do not carry the tools to fix their automobile after a stall. Fortunately, an Atlanta program can help drivers stranded on the road.

The HERO Program in Atlanta, GA, Helps Out in Ways Tow Trucks and Police Often Cannot

There are several options you have if you find yourself stalled in the middle of nowhere. One such program that you may not know about is the HERO program. This program is especially helpful for people who do not have access to a service like AAA or OnStar. It is completely free to utilize the service of a HERO on a metro Atlanta highway. The important thing to know about the HERO vehicles that can arrive to assist you is that they’re not a wrecker service, nor a tow service. Upon arrival, the HERO can help you push your stalled car to the side of the road. They also help with flat tires. With the use of their smartphone, you or the HERO can then appropriately notify a wrecker service. The HERO can also utilize unique signals on the tops of their vehicles to warn other motorists of your situation.

What Happens If I’m Involved in a Collision?

After a car accident contact law enforcement and your insurance company. Most of the time, after a wreck, you would be better served contacting police than you would a HERO driver. That said, by law, on a multilane highway or expressway or even a secondary road, it’s the driver’s duty to move his or her vehicle to a safe location, avoiding further disasters. Safe locations include shoulders or emergency lanes. If you’re on secondary roads, however, a HERO can’t be dispatched to help. The program, though, is a reminder of how important it is to always move your vehicle away from the roads, either on a right-hand median or a well-lit area to ensure no traffic is held up and no further accidents occur.

HERO Can Help You Avoid a Car Accident in Georgia

If you ever find yourself stranded on the highway, you would be doing yourself and other drivers a service by utilizing the services provided under the HERO Program. Tragically, there are many different reasons why a driver might fail to notice a stalled car in the lane ahead, from drunk driving to distracted driving and more. Do yourself a favor and remember the number 5-1-1. This is the primary means of contact for stranded drivers to connect with a HERO responder. Or better yet, save the number in your phone. That way, you’ll always have a HERO waiting.

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