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How Important is Mobile Optimization for Law Firms?

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How Important is Mobile Optimization for Law Firms?

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To understand the importance of mobile optimization for law firms and attorneys, it is important to first have a firm grasp of the concept. Mobile optimization refers to the process of adjusting your website and online content so that potential clients visiting your site from a mobile device or smartphone can engage with content just as easily as they would on a desktop computer.

According to Insivia, mobile consumption of information has been steadily rising by 100% every year; rather than go home, take out the computer, boot it up, and start searching, many people simply take out their phone and open the web browser. The ease and convenience of mobile browsing has made it especially imperative for service providers such as lawyers to have a web presence that is effectively optimized for mobile use.

How do you know if your site is optimized for mobile use?

Establishing the current level of mobile optimization for your website is not difficult; simply take out your own mobile device or smartphone and attempt to visit your website, clicking on all of the tabs, web forms, and videos you have available. If something on the page does not easily fit within the borders of the screen, or is otherwise difficult to interact with, it is safe to say your website is not effectively optimized for mobile use.

The problem here is that if a potential client seeks out your website or simply comes across it during a general web search, they are likely to quickly exit the screen and search for another more mobile-friendly page at another law firm.

Tips for mobile optimization of attorney website:

  • Utilize PageSpeed Insights: It is important to check the current loading speed of your website, which can be done using Google’s PageSpeed Insights feature. If it loads in under five seconds on a mobile device, you’re good to go. If not, consider switching to Google AMP and/or take other measures to increase the loading speed of your website. When a site takes too long to load, you risk losing potential clients to faster-loading websites.
  • Consider Google AMP: Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source HTML framework that can significantly improve a page’s loading speed. If possible, consider switching your blog over to Google AMP to take advantage of the high-speed loading and hopefully avoid impatient visitors leaving your site for another, faster-loading one.
  • Utilize Keywords for Voice Search: Voice search has become a prominent feature in many mobile devices and smartphones. Instead of typing out a specific search, potential clients may simply speak to their phone, asking for the nearest lawyer or a lawyer in their desired field. It is important to consider optimizing the keywords on your website to increase your chances of being picked out in a voice search.
  • Videos: Videos are an important part of attorney marketing nowadays. According to Insivia, viewers retain 95% of messages communicated in video form, as opposed to only 10% when reading that message in written form. It is also important to note that video plays are significantly higher on mobile devices, so potential clients will likely expect and appreciate the opportunity to watch a video from your firm on their device. However, it is important to check how your videos play on a mobile device; if the video is too big to appear on the screen, doesn’t load at all, or doesn’t allow for rotation of the screen, this could indicate the file type is incompatible or out of date. Talk to a web video expert for help optimizing videos for mobile viewing.
  • Pop-Ups: Pop-ups can be annoying in the best of situations, and people seeking legal help are rarely in the best of situations. It is important to evaluate how pop-ups currently act on your mobile platform; if they get in the way of content or make maneuvering around the site difficult, there is a good chance a potential client will simply close out of the tab and open a new one to find a firm with fewer pop-ups on their mobile site.

To learn more about mobile optimization, reach out to a legal marketing professional at AskTheLawyers™.

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