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How Can Video Marketing Help Law Firms During COVID?

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How Can Video Marketing Help Law Firms During COVID?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry, including legal. With remote means of communication becoming commonplace, it’s important for law firms to keep up with the trends. In the past, in-person meetings were a great way for attorneys to display both their industry authority and personality to potential clients; however, video conferencing and video marketing have presented new means of synthesizing the in-person experience without risking spread of the virus. Video marketing is especially versatile and can be applied in a myriad of ways to help law firms reach out and make an impact on current and potential future clients.

Attorney videos can synthesize the experience of meeting in-person.

With so many options, potential clients are more likely to choose an attorney whom they feel a personal connection with to represent their case. However, in lieu of in-person meetings, these personal connections can be harder to foster. Attorney videos provide a great opportunity for lawyers to display their experience handling certain cases, knowledge of the industry, and dedication to their client’s wellbeing. These videos may be used on a law firm’s website, social media, and more.

Attorney videos allow lawyers to present themselves however they see fit; if they want to come across as friendly and conversational, they can do so. If they would rather come across as efficient business-like, that’s fine as well. Different types of clients will be attracted to different types of lawyers. The key is to make a personal connection; many of the people seeking legal aid are going through one of the most uncertain periods of their life. If they feel that they have made a personal connection by putting a face to the name and hearing the attorney speak about their subject area, they are more likely to trust an attorney with their problem.

Attorney videos can increase efficiency and save time.

Depending on the type of videos posted, it’s important to note that these videos can save a law firm significant time in the long run. In any practice area, some questions are more common than others. Answering frequently asked questions in pre-recorded attorney videos is a great way to prevent long phone calls or email responses trying to explain the answer to a common question to a new or potential client. Being able to direct a curious client to a professional, pre-recorded video will not only help your firm come across as proactive and up-to-date, but will also save valuable time.

Not all videos are made equal.

It’s important to remember that in a world where video marketing is becoming commonplace, clients will have high expectations. The legal industry has long been known for its dedication to and high-standards for professionalism. While it may be possible to film a homemade attorney video, this is not recommended. The quality of an attorney video needs to equal the quality of the attorney’s experience.

Additionally, with more law firms jumping on the trend, you will be in competition with an array of attorney videos. Legal marketing experts recommend hiring a professional to help film and edit attorney videos; hiring a professional videographer prevents you from having to purchase expensive, professional equipment, and also from learning an entirely new skill set required for quality audio/visual editing.

To learn more about the benefits of video marketing for attorneys, or for help creating an attorney video, reach out to AskTheLawyers™.

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